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Career Planning: To Be Effective Get This Right!

Career planning can take many forms. It might have started in high school when you observed you favorite uncle doing well as an accountant. Or maybe a college career counselor steered you into a growing industry. Perhaps, after working a few years a friend recommended you for an open position in the company where they worked. If this is your idea of career planning, you have work to do. Here’s some ideas.

How To Move Up In An Industry

If you want to move up in your industry, and think that you may have to change companies in order to move to the next level, you should read this post. There are many do’s and don’ts when searching for a new job, lean more here.

Psychology of Interview Success

With the economy striving to recover, and so many candidates searching for jobs, the job market is incredibly competitive. If you’ve passed the first hurdle and your CV has attracted an interview then you’ll be feeling some pressure. The priority is to make sure you’re practically ready (know what you’re wearing, researched the company and rehearsed some big questions). Your next priority should be to prepare mentally using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to help you.

Advantages of Incorporating A Company

Incorporating a company makes sense for most small business owners. Unfortunately, many of them fail to take this important step and then miss out on numerous benefits.

Learning the Customs and Culture of Diverse Groups Could Increase Your Bottom Line

The world has become a global village. Technology allows us instant access to markets and people thousands of miles away or those right on our doorstep, or neighbourhood. Savvy business owners know that reaching out and conducting business in diverse markets pays big dividends.

Some Basic Ways to Expand Your Social Network Through Facebook

Networking is very important when you want to expand your business or move your career forward. One of the social networking websites that is very important in this process is Facebook. You need to connect to people through this site for networking purpose. Read how you can use Facebook friends for networking.

The Importance Of A Great Nursing Resume

The healthcare field is experiencing shortages, but hiring managers are quite selective. In order to secure a position you’ll need to secure an appropriate education, as well as a high-impact resume. You still need to stand-out in the stack of resumes and cover letters competing with yours.

A Great Resume Is Necessary to Put You at the Head of the Pack!

Many people who are searching for jobs in today’s customer service industry might be intimidated by all of the dire economic news that seems to come out every day. After all, according to the most recent data released by Statistics Canada on April 8th, unemployment has increased by close to 2% in the last year. It’s important though to remember that the news industry often focuses on the bad news without breaking down the data or reporting the good news.

Creating a Stellar Administrative Assistant Resume

Administrative Assistants are the backbone of every office and essential to their efficient management. They come from a wide variety of fields, backgrounds and levels of experience. They operate in almost every field of business, from finance to medicine, education and beyond.

So You Are Thinking of Becoming a Sparkie?

Finishing high school is daunting enough, especially when we are expected to choose our lifelong career immediately afterwards. Choosing a career to begin in or study towards that embodies all the important aspects of a lifelong career can be extremely difficult, not to mention stressful. For a lucky few who already know what paths they want to take, this decision can be extremely easy to make.

How to Become a Gas Fitter

Gas fitters are those individuals who work on gas pipes through which gas fuels are transported. Their job requires them to work on sites that may be elevated or a low pressure location. Other than working on pipe systems, they also perform installation of vent pipes for makeup gases and air.

Fundraising Jobs – Details and Misconceptions

There are many jobs available in the nonprofit sector, but the one that still has some of the highest demand are fundraising jobs. Raising money is one of the most important parts of any nonprofit, whether it is for a specific project or for the organization as a whole.

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