How Much Does The Paranormal Files Make on YouTube

The Best Place to Take a Career Personality Test

The importance of taking a career personality test cannot be overstated. With the test you will avoid being stuck in a career you are not happy with.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Cruise Ship Job Application

As you can imagine, over the years we’ve received thousands of cruise ship job applications. Some great, some okay and some downright poor! This article lists five of the most commons mistakes we see most job seekers making time and time again. Read more to find out more…

Career Development Planning – Is it Important?

Yes! Career development planning is simply a practical guide used by individuals to advance in their careers or jobs. It helps you establish whether you are moving forward in your career or what barriers are holding you back.

Success Formula to Get a Top Rank in Prestigious Medical PG Entrance

How do classmates in the same batch of medicine studying MBBS along with you top in the medical PG entrance exam while you struggle to perform well in them? What exactly is the success formula to get a top rank in your favorite medical PG entrance exam? If only you knew the secret behind their successes?

Astronomy Career Prospects

Astronomy is one of those spectacular fields of work where human innovations and technical brilliance is making huge leaps and bounds day by day. Stars, planets, galaxies and other heavenly bodies have always fascinated the human mind and have prompted him to establish a career in this arena to explore the heavens.

How Job Dissatisfaction Affects Our Whole Life

Being unhappy with your job, your boss or company has a major negative influence on your mood, state of well-being and physical and psychological health. Energy levels deplete, anxiety increases and you dread getting up in the morning. It is even more challenging when you fear that you will never find a position, boss or company that you truly respect and look forward to having.

Alternatives to the Traditional CV

It’s also equally safe to say that if you’re a jobseeker, you’re in the same situation as a large number of similarly qualified and experienced candidates, who have similar MS Word based CVs. A question to ask yourself is how are you standing out? If the answer is that you’re not standing out, then perhaps you may want to think about it from the perspective of a hiring manager with a job to fill.

Get Paid Using the Mindset of the Rich and Fire Your Boss

Are you buying rounds at the bar on payday, feeling generous? Everybody wants your money, you know. The government takes its share before you even get it. You can change that.

Turn Artistic Talent to a Profitable Career

Single moms returning to school acknowledge the wisdom of following their talents and passions. It makes no sense to prepare for a job that inspires nothing but dread and demands nothing but drudgery. Although single mothers bring exceptional motivation and work ethics to their careers, they are wise enough not to waste their fine qualities on jobs that lead nowhere. This wisdom especially applies to women with artistic talent. Although most fine artists cannot make a living from their art alone, talented single moms find ways to use their artistic gifts in the professional world.

What is a PI?

In this article, I will introduce you to the function of the modern professional investigator: The licensed and bonded professional, who provides services to the legal, insurance, and business communities, and private individuals. I will include information to assist the reader in locating and evaluating a professional and licensed investigator.

Unemployment Tips, Tricks, and Help

Carroll D. Wright set out in 1878 to do something that no one in the United States had ever done before. He attempted to count the number of unemployed.

Finding Jobs in Today’s World – Preparing For the Hunt

Finding jobs today is more difficult than ever. However, when you are properly prepared and aware of your needs, you will have much better luck in your search.

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