How Much Does The Redford Family Make on YouTube

Career Success – Accomplishing Your Mission Through Networking, Interviewing and Negotiations

A successful job search is a lot like a campaign. It has a strategic beginning Purpose phase, a structured middle Vision phase, and a tactical Mission phase. The key elements include: networking, interviewing, meeting with recruiting firms, leveraging on-line resources for job postings and networking, receiving job offers and negotiating that perfect position.

How to Become an Architectural Illustrator

As an illustrator I first began my career acquiring skills in fine art. A background studying traditional painting, drawing, design, and color theory is what can give you the edge you need to stand out among talented illustrators in this industry. Many artists today still offer traditional paintings or drawings, but these are quickly becoming replaced with high tech computer renderings and 3D modeling.

Will You Be Overcharged When You Work on a Superyacht?

This article reveals whether superyacht crew are being overcharged for select products and services by land based companies. You will find this information useful as a pretext to working on super yachts.

Is Education Important When Looking For Superyachts Jobs?

This article discusses the subject of experience versus education when applying for jobs on superyachts. I spoke to a number of crew and recruitment agencies to gauge their opinion on the subject, which you will find informative and valuable.

Toastmasters – What is it and How it Can Benefit You

Many people have heard that Toastmasters is good for them. But what exactly is it and how can it help you? This article answers all your basic questions.

Tips For Finding a Job For the Unemployed

I remember back in the mid 90’s when jobs were wildly available. I even remember turning on the radio and hearing advertisements from companies literally begging people to come work for them. They would even announce perks such as a company car and stock options.

What is Investment Banking?

We have all heard to term investment banker, but what exactly is investment banking? This article aims to give a brief overview of the profession.

Voice Over Training Tips For Voice Actors Seeking Jobs

Voices over jobs can be difficult to find. However, this should not prevent you from becoming a professional voice over actor. In additions to receiving proper training and professorial instruction, there are many other things you can do to help prepare for your new career.

Careers in Academic Psychology

The advancement of careers in academic psychology is an expanding professional discipline. The task of developing applications to study the human mind falls to trained psychologists who can use their knowledge in academic areas such as health care, economic concerns and legal matters. Psychology students who enjoy undertaking research projects may find jobs in academic psychology stimulating.

Turn Weaknesses to Strengths

Viewing one’s weaknesses in a re-framed new light is suggested. The idea is that deficiencies may be gateways to potential strengths in the workplace.

Career Change Ideas – It May Be Time to “Re-Purpose” Your Skill Set

Frustrated by job loss and having to restart your career? Creatively leverage and repackage your career experience into transferable, alternative career avenues that you might not have considered before.

Employment Over 50

Facing sudden uemployment is bad news for most people, but to find yourself on the job market when in your 50’s can be very worrying. Its natural think that you will have big trouble getting a career over 50 – however this train of thought is what can lead to problems finding employment.

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