How Much Does The Tarot Reader Make on YouTube

A Teacher and Business – What They Have in Common

A Teacher and business are truly interconnected in so many ways. Even if you are under the teaching profession, little did you know that you are actually doing business at the same time. On the other hand, entrepreneurship in one way or another incorporates mentoring.

Travel Nursing – An Attractive New Profession

Some interesting facts and figures about travel nursing industry and the reason for its sudden growth! Find out why travel nursing is so popular.

Surgical Nurses – The Vital Role They Play

In health care settings, surgical nurses are known to be the vital cogs in an operation procedure. Given the fact that surgical nurses take care of all the aspects except doing the surgery themselves, they indeed have a lot on their shoulders. It is true that the doctors do the operation procedure, but the recovery of the patient for example post the operation depends entirely on how efficient the surgical nurses are.

Why Choose Community Nursing As a Profession?

Community nurses are very skilled and provide diverse health care specialties in many areas throughout their professional lifespan. Being fully trained and equipped to provide a vast range of healthcare needs anywhere in the community, community nurses can be considered as the Good Samaritans of the society.

Careers That Make a Difference

More and more people today are feeling a longing for deeper meaning in their lives. The world is changing so fast and in so many ways that it is hard to keep up.

A Career Beyond the Onitsha Kingdom

The article is aimed at providing much needed guidance and counseling on the right choice of career and discipline. It highlights the modalities and parameters for making the right choices of discipline and career for both personal improvement, actualization and societal development.

Registered Nurse Careers – 5 Must Have Qualities For Success

Being a registered nurse, is one of the noble professions, which allows a nurse to experience humanity from close quarters. They monitor the performance of a LPN, but most importantly they ensure that a patient’s effort in battling an illness is smooth. To be successful in registered nurse careers, a RN should have the below mentioned qualities.

How to Handle Your Boss and Why You Should Bother

What you must always remember is that your most important relationship at work is the one that you build with your boss. No matter how hard you work or how good you are if you don’t have a healthy connection with your boss, you will have a very hard time advancing in your career, if at all.

Mental Health Nursing – Could You Cope?

With the number of people diagnosed with mental illnesses increasing by the day, the role of mental health and psychiatric nurses becomes increasingly important. Find out more.

LPN to RN – Should You Bother?

About 75% of nurses in the nursing domain choose to work as a LPN, when they start. As a LPN, they are expected to administer basic healthcare service to the patients and take care of their needs when the patients are in the healthcare setting. In some states, LPNs are also licensed to contribute to the medical treatment procedure, especially administering first aid treatment to patients.

Invest in Your Interpersonal Skills

This article sends out a simple message about succeeding in interviews. Your interpersonal skills must be well-honed and your interviewing technique must be razor sharp. Talent and great qualifications are not enough to land the job. You must demonstrate in a short interview process how you can add value to your prospective company’s bottom line.

The Glass Ceiling Commission

Many people don’t realize the term “glass ceiling” was coined in a 1986 Wall Street Journal article. It described invisible barriers women and minorities must face on their rise up the proverbial corporate ladder. Once it was out there, there was no going back; and as a result, President George Bush appointed several Congressional leaders and the Secretary of Labor to identify and define these barriers that prevented not only women, but minorities as a whole, from reaching the top of their chosen careers.

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