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ITIL Certification – Your Career Builder

In the past few years, IT progression has had a noteworthy impact on business processes. The introduction of the PC, LAN, client/server technology, and internet, has facilitated organizations to bring their products and services to markets speedily. These developments have escorted the transition from the industrial, to the information age, where everything has become more vibrant.

ITIL Certification – A Handy Career Development Tool

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is amongst the most sought after professional and technical certification, and it provides a comprehensive mixture of concepts and up-to-date practices for efficient IT services management. It also helps in managing various information technology processes and operations.

Career Change Beyond 50 – Make Your Age an Asset!

A career change beyond 50 is likely to happen. It’s just a matter of time. A career can reach the end of the road. You may have reached the end of your career path or you company has stopped growing and the writing may be on the wall. Maybe it’s becoming more difficult to do a good job in a bad work environment? Whatever the reason for a career change you know in your gut that things have to change. Here are some ideas helping you get started in your career planning and finding that new career.

3 Ways to Tell If It Is the Truth and Nothing But the Truth

From the first time we got caught taking the cookie from the cookie jar as a kid, we all learned that sometimes it is dangerous to tell the truth. We also learned pretty early to separate the big lies from the little fibs. Do you know anyone who tells the truth 100% of the time?

Jumping a Job When You’ve Been Rumbled – How to Get a New Job

You’ve got away with it for two years. You’re a legend at work; people talk about your continuous inactivity with awe. You’ve bumped up your ‘working at home’ days to two and a half years and you’ve got a team that covers for you.

Blagging for That Pay Rise

While some people seem to have the knack of demanding (and getting) pay rises, the rest of us are left pining hopefully for a beneficent boss to smile on us. Well wait no more.

Worklife – Climbing the Slippery Pole (Playing Politics – And Winning)

Good office politicians keep the competition, their management and colleagues on the back foot by never accepting the existing organisation as it is. Two great ways to win here – abolish your job and/or create a completely new one. Promotions never come as fast as the average person wants.

Things To Know Before You Sign Your Novel Contract

While signing a novel contract, the publisher will have all the capability of turning the novel into a movie. The publisher of the novel will become prosperous when the novel wins the interest of any filming company to turn it into a movie. The sales of this novel will go high at a tremendous speed hence it’s not a good deal to make a pact with your publisher assigning them some part of the profits in case the novel becomes popular in cinemas.

How Resume Affects Your Job Hunting

There are so many points to put in mind for you to get a job. It’s so obvious that if you follow these tips, your chances of getting the job are high. Come up with a plan on how you are going to impress the interviewer after which they will offer you the job.

Perseverance for a Medical Assistant

This article is the second in a series on the important of different character traits for working as a certified medical assistant. In this article, I will discuss perseverance, and why this trait is especially important for those who wish to work in this field.

Seattle Job Overview – The Best Jobs in This City

Seattle is an important city in Washington. In recent years, the city is experiencing rapid growth as more and more people are settling down. Many young professionals in the present time prefer to relocate to Seattle not only because of great professional prospects but also because of the natural beauty, vibrant culture and booming economy.

The Best Jobs for College Students Are Outside the Box

Many College students face the challenge of working while going to school. There are traditional 9-5 jobs and then there are great opportunities to earn a living online. The best jobs for college students are going to be ones that offer flexibility and opportunity to take their future into their own hands.

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