How Much Does The Young Turks Make on YouTube

How To Start A Professional Email

Writing a professional email – for work or other reasons – can be a hard thing to learn. It’s something that may come easy for seasoned IT professionals, but if you have no experience with writing professional emails, or if you’re just starting your career, it’s something you’ll need to learn.

Can You Have a Felony and Become a Bank Teller?

An individual hoping to work for a bank can speculate, Can I have a felony and be a bank teller? This is a delicate question which can be very challenging for men and women who want to work as tellers in prestigious banks. It is hard to imagine a person with fraud or larceny convictions applying for a position as a bank teller. Bear in mind that working in a bank entails having access to big amounts of cash. From this perspective, you can tell that criminal acts will mean disqualification from holding sensitive positions in banking institutions.

Turning The Wrong Degree Into The Right Career

What happens if you’re getting ready to graduate and you realize the career you now want requires a different degree than the one you’re graduating with? Unless most of your credits will transfer and you can get a different degree with only another semester or two, the best thing to do is let it go and graduate with the wrong degree. You’ll waste a lot of time and money going back and doing it all over again for a different degree.

The Best Kept Secret on College Campuses

It must have been sophomore year when I stumbled into the career center at my university, freaking out about what I would do with my major and what career path to follow. I made an appointment with a career counselor, determined to plan out my future. When I met with the career counselor, surprisingly the first thing she did was sit me down at a computer so I could complete a lengthy, in-depth self-assessment and personality test.

Why Student Internships Are So Important

Internships can be extremely valuable in gaining experience and getting your foot in the door in a particular industry or company. Whether you engage in an internship while still in school or directly after graduating, internships can help kick-start your career! Why are internships so important?

Does Your Ideal Job Meet Your Needs?

There’s a lot of talk about “pursuing your dream” and “follow your heart and the money will follow.” Those are lovely ideas, and the best place to start when searching for a career you will love. But part of your dream job is the practical side – where your life needs are met. Sometimes people forget to add the practical components to their ideal job description. How about you? Is your ideal job a practical option for you?

Do You Feel Lucky In Your Career?

Would you like this to be the year you love your job and thrive in your career? Stop everything for a moment, and just think about your job or career as it is today, right now. How do you feel about your work life?

The Changing Office Dress Code And Its Challenges

Recent years have seen a relaxation of dress codes, even in some of the more formal professions such as law and accountancy, particularly when client meetings are not taking place. Often starting with a dress down Friday, some companies and individuals are now finding it hard to accept the results in the office environment. This article explores the challenges and the opportunities for personal presentation and making an impact.

You and Your College Have a Disconnect

Try an experiment. Go online and look up your college or university’s mission statement. It’s a great way of telling what their priorities are.

Tips for Making Your Job Less Boring To Avoid Frequent Job Change

If you have just started a new job, you are supposed to be excited, thrilled, and not bored, of course. So if you find your job too boring after just a couple of weeks of being hired, there must be something really wrong. Boredom among employees is very common, especially for those whose tasks are repetitive, mind-numbing, and tedious.

How to Negotiate the Best Salary Possible

Salary negotiation is an important career skill. The better you can negotiate with your employer how much you earn, the more financially rewarding your career will be at any stage.

Why Corporate Culture Should Matter to You

So you are looking to get your foot in the door, to enter into a line of work that excites you and that you’ve been educated for. But you don’t have a lot of experience. It’s a tough economy, and there’s lots of competition out there for a limited number of available positions.

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