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Skills You Must Possess to Be a Surgical Tech

Every profession requires certain skills and knowledge, but there also are specific personality traits that anyone pursuing a successful career in that field is recommended to have. If surgical technology is a point of your interest…

4 Candidates That Employers Don’t Want to Hire

Employers seem to share many of the same broad preferences during the hiring process, regardless of job title and regardless of industry. The job seekers who display certain traits or behaviors like those below, despite having great backgrounds and skill sets, are almost guaranteed to lose the job. If you find yourself described below and also notice you’re losing opportunities, keeping an eye out for these bad interview habits should turn your luck right around upon going for the job that you want and deserve.

5 Tips to “Spring Clean” Your Resume

Spring is just around the corner (starts March 20)! If your resume hasn’t been getting the results you want, Spring is the perfect time to “clean it up” and significantly improve it. Here are five tips to freshen-up YOUR resume this Spring!

How to Become a Crime Scene Cleaner

Become a crime scene cleaner with our easy to understand guide. Read on for information about the requirements of the demanding role.

Success and Happiness

We have all been taught that if we toil, apply ourselves, and put our noses to the grindstone that we can attain success which leads to happiness. Contentment, we are told, must be preceded by success, which in turn must be preceded by hard work that is often associated with not being happy. This cause and effect paradigm is an American truism harkening back to our earliest past.

3 Positive Aspects to a Court Reporting Career

Of late I have been watching a lot of legal drama shows on TV and I can’t help by noticing stenographers or court reporters that are always present in the court room, typing away speedily. They are quietly sitting near the judge and barely noticeable recording everything a judge/witness or lawyer exchange during a trial or in private chambers. Here are three things that a court reporter’s job both entails and offer, if you are seriously thinking about becoming one.

Why Did I Over-Prepare?

Have you ever over-prepared for a job interview? Perhaps because you had too much time OR because you were just too nervous? I definitely have, and I paid the price!

Top Tips for Finding Great Courier Jobs

The current marketplace can seem quite crowded for those looking for courier jobs, but with a little initiative and hard work, you should be able to locate jobs and start making a very respectable living from the industry. The recent economic shifts have led to a fresh influx of people looking for delivery work, so you’ll want to make sure that you have as many bases covered as possible so you can rise to the top of the pile when local businesses are looking for someone to transport goods for them. Here is a brief rundown of some of the methods you might want to use for increasing the amount of courier jobs that come your way:

Influencing People At Work: Black Art Or Fine Art

There is a fine line between demonstrating organizational savvy and playing the ‘dirty game’ of office politics. They key difference lies in two words: motive, and method. This article gives you nine strategies to help you become more expert in the fine art of influence, while staying true to the highest standards of professional ethics and values.

Overcoming Your Own Resistance to Change

Numerous books and articles have been written about the challenges of leading change in organizations. This article gives you ten ways of overcoming your own resistance to change.

Finding Employment in the Recession

When times are tough and you need a job, it can be like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s not impossible to secure employment though. There are some tricks you can use to increase your chances of finding a job that will pay and for a long time.

Is Email Disrupting Your Day? These Strategies Can Help!

Dear Friends and Clients, How much time do you spend each workday on email? If you keep a time log for a week or so, you might be surprised at how many of your work minutes are spent processing email, including stuff that is not all that important. And how often is your concentration on important projects disrupted by that unending mail flow?

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