How Much Does TheClosetHistorian Make on YouTube

Help the Unemployed

The past year has really proven to be a challenge for many families. A lot of people of are currently out of work. There are simple ways you can help.

Are You Ready For Home A Inspector Education?

During the recession, many people have been retrenched and they have to look for a new career in order to survive. Home inspection has become one of the popular fields nowadays as it is considered as a recession proof career. First of all, you need to ask yourself whether you are ready for the specific education and training before tapping into this business.

Make Your Transition to a New Job Smooth

Congratulations on your new accomplishment! Give yourself a pat on the back for finding a new position in these highly difficult times.

Offshore Oil Jobs – What You Can Expect Working on Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

When it comes to changing careers and trying to find a job that you are happy with most people find themselves looking at how much that new job pays. In fact chances are you have found yourself wondering how much offshore oil jobs pay. Well if this is the case then you have come to the right place.

Should You Make a Mid Life Career Change? Pros and Cons of a Midlife Career Change

Making a career change is difficult at any time, but making a mid life career change can be particularly challenging. The thought of going out into the workplace and starting all over again can be frightening. Yet many people decide that they do want to make a career change mid life and in some ways it is the ideal time for a career move. So what are the pros and cons of mid life career change?

7 Steps For Writing Your Post-Interview Letter

You have just completed an interview for a top-level job you really want. You know you should write a follow up letter to your interviewer. But what should you say–and how? These 7 tips will help make your letter a winner.

Small Business Advice – You Can Build Your Business With Free Social Media

Whether you already have a small business and are looking for advice on how to make more profits, or you are thinking of starting one, you should investigate how a lot of successful businesses are taking advantage of new online marketing techniques. You can do the same.

Personal Attributes Are Qualities That Make You Who You Are

Personal attributes are those qualities that make you who you are. Some of these attributes are innate and others may be something you’ve learned or gained from experience. If you can say what yours are, you create a deeper understanding of the person behind the words, especially when interviewing. The person hearing the description of your personal attributes will develop a much stronger mental image of the sort of person you are.

Does Telecommuting Affect Your Personal Relationships?

Does Telecommuting Affect Your Personal Relationships? The answer is a resounding YES! With working from home becoming more and more accepted, people are having an even harder time than in the past, separating their work from their home life.

How to Become an Actress

Becoming an actress is easy once you learn the steps. Use this guide to learn how to become an actress!

Interviewing Faux Pas to Avoid

Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can kill an interview. Here are two real examples of that happening. Just remember, your body may speak louder than your words do, which is another good reason to hire a coach as they can help you with your interviewing style.

How to Get Your Social Worker License

A Social worker in America needs to have a license that permits him to work for the society and people. There are different requirements that have to be met by an individual to become eligible for a social worker license.

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