How Much Does TheCraftyGemini Make on YouTube

Once a Caterpillar, Now a Butterfly – Continued Education Can Take You High!

Oftentimes clients contact me for resume writing services and are guided in an entirely unforeseen direction. The conversation goes something like this: CLIENT – I went to college to get a bachelor’s degree, secured a nice job after graduation, but five years later feel as though I’ve gone as far as I can with my company. Please help!

Stage Names to Help You Make More Money Stripping

Exotic dancers, burlesque dancers, bikini dancers, all of them commonly take what is called a stage name, and when they are dancing, that is what they are called and who they are. I know when I dance, or whenever I need an alternate persona, I call upon my stripper name of the moment.

PMP Exam Passed? Now What? Recertify! Start Today!

When you finish your Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, your project management certification is just starting, not finishing. You owe it to yourself to begin the renewal process immediately. Your time spent on the exam just passed is valuable. Don’t duplicate it.

Pursuing a Career and Getting Joiner Carpenter Jobs

A carpenter joiner career can be one of the most lucrative and satisfying available. Carpenter joiner jobs involve making and installing wood products, and repairing those that are already installed.

How to Get a Pay Rise

Asking your supervisor for a pay rise is one of the most daunting conversations to have, many people don’t ask and continue to work unhappy, however if you follow these simple steps then you will be able build a strong case to get your pay rise and maybe even a promotion. Find out when the annual pay rises are and research how much the wages have gone up in the last year, as this will help you to gauge how much you should ask for…

How Can Understanding the Change Process Help You With Your Career Change?

Making changes are not easy, otherwise we would be doing them all the time. Understanding how change occurs, will enable you to be kinder to yourself when you start to make a change and relapse into your old ways.

Riverside Careers

A few of the popular positions for employment in Riverside that usually require previous education and experience include nursing, teaching, accounting, engineering, managing, physician, law office, and coaching positions. Of course, someone who possesses a degree and previous experience is going to make considerably more than a person who does not. Create your career goals for obtaining Riverside employment according to your expectations concerning what you want to do, how much effort you would like to exert, and how much money you would like to make.

Information You Need to Know to Start a Business Brokerage Career

A business brokerage career allows you to play the liaisons between buyers and sellers of businesses. This career has many possibilities and the earning potential can be huge for someone who is good at their job. Brokers have the opportunity to work for a company or for themselves. There is a lot of flexibility in a business brokerage career path.

The Ten Basic Steps to Career Development

When you decide that employment inertia is no longer working for you or you find that economic conditions beyond your control have thrust you into a job or possibly a career change, then you need a plan. The better you accept and strategically deal with change, the more likely a positive outcome can be realized. As a career transition specialist I have determined that ten important steps must be followed in order to form a complete plan.

Do Not Neglect the Job Interview Preparation

Imagine this, you are sitting down and across from you are 3 serious people that look like they just had a bad day. You wonder how your day can get even worst as this is your interview to a job that you want so badly.

A Career in Healthcare Management – 24 Things to Do to Break Into the Field

So you’ve been trying to become employed in healthcare, or you’ve tried to enter healthcare management, or you’re trying to move from one job in healthcare to another. You’ve read other articles about working in healthcare management and have been soldiering on, but you’re just not getting anywhere.

So, Do You Know Your Worth?

Do you know what your worth is? Sure the first thing you’re going to say is that you’re priceless. I’m sure your mother agrees. But human resource departments have spent millions figuring out this very question.

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