How Much Does TheCrouchRanch Make On YouTube

Log Book Tips to Help Pass a DOT Inspection

As mentioned earlier, neatness counts. When stopped at a DOT inspection, they are more likely to give you a break if they see that your log book is clean and legible. When they see that your log book is legible with neatly drawn lines, they will view you as a more proficient truck driver.

Career Prospects For Administrative Assistants

The career prospect for administrative assistants is not limited to office secretaries or assistants only. An administrative assistant can look into the roles of medical secretaries, legal secretaries and even virtual assistants.

A Trucker’s Life

There is more to being a trucker than just getting into a truck and driving down the highway. You are in charge of an extraordinarily large and powerful vehicle. Therefore, you need to make sure that you follow all the Dot Rules and Regulations that are in place to protect drivers as well as protecting the public on the highways.

Good Interview Questions That Make You the Ideal Candidate

Typically, the structure of a job interview is this: the hiring manager asks several questions, you respond, and he makes conclusion about your personality, character, skills and relevance to the company based on your answers. However, this type of structure does not work even though you are interested in the company or the job.

Body Part Modeling – Is it For You?

Is there a something about you that makes members of the opposite sex do a double take? Do you receive complements about a certain part of your body all of the time? You should really consider turning this feature into a part time gig.

Make 2010 the Year to Get a Cruise Ship Job

Deciding to give up a perfectly good job on land to pursue a career on a cruise ship may have some of your friends and family questioning your mental sanity. However, why not make 2010 the Year You Get a Cruise Job? Read more to find out how.

Top Chef Career Training Tips

If you are wanting a chef career that goes beyond a short-order cook and basic food preparation worker, you are going to need additional training from what you can get on the job. A high school diploma is required to be accepted to culinary schools that will train you to be a professional chef. It is also possible to start your basic training while still in high school.

Tips For Managing a Budget As a Court Reporter

In a profession where work fluctuates regularly, such as professional court reporting agencies, managing a budget can be difficult if not impossible for some. Those new to the trade often struggle until they get up to speed with their veteran counterparts and can output work faster.

4 Entry-Level Jobs That Bring Home the Bucks

For newly graduated candidates, finding a position that offers you more than decent pay is unheard of. However, they do exist and are in demand now more than ever. Below you will find four career areas where the starting pay is rather generous in nature, and get you on your path to career success.

Information on Corporate Finance Careers

Corporate finance careers can be very challenging work, just like all finance jobs can be. You will have many responsibilities to the organization you work for.

Secret Service Jobs – Secret Service Careers Explained

Perhaps you have sometimes wondered, “What does a secret service agent do?” Or “what are secret service jobs?” These are valid questions, considering that their work is so secretive.

Forecast on Employer Trends

With a little more than a month left in the first quarter, employers are anticipated to make several moves involving employment trends. Taking into consideration our chaotic economy, companies are now looking to take matters into their own hands. They long to make up ground that was lost in the recession, and create situations that will work for them once again.

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