How Much Does TheFrugalCrafter Make On YouTube

How to Become a DJ – Learn 1 Place Where You Can Start Your DJ Career

Learning how to become a DJ is no easy feat. You still need to figure out what kind of DJ you want to be, and how you are going to get your foot in the door of a slightly over crowded industry.

3 Tips on How Freshers Could Find the Best Lifescience – Pharma Job

Since 2007 I would have personally counselled more than 50 lifescience graduates armed with additional courses in Clinical research on the strategy they need to adopt for their first ever job search. In the last few years “Clinical Research” or “CRO” has been two very glamourous words and also considered as the best employment destination for most of the Pharmacy/Biotech/Lifescience graduates. Something lifescience folks feel proud about working for, especially looking at their engineering counterparts who work in IT Industry.

A Career in Fashion Places

We see them all over, in magazines, on the run way, in advertisements on TV. They have to the slender females strutting their stuff or extra ordinary beauties with their sultry looks flashing their pearly whites while wearing the newest supplies the from the hottest designers.

Make a Living With Online College Teaching Jobs

The recent surge in new and returning college students enrolling in online bachelor degree programs makes it possible to generate a real living with online college teaching jobs provided you have an earned master’s degree in a core curriculum subject. The maturation of the technology required to deliver quality distance education programs is making it a very effective tool, in both an academic and economic sense, for all post secondary schools to use to engage in the literal digital revolution of the academy.

Finding Your Dream Job – Part 1

I was talking to a guy recently who’s been unemployed since 2008. He is bright, articulate, well-educated (several graduate degrees) and attractive. As a former owner of a staffing company (for 19 years!), I was curious as to why he still wasn’t working.

Video Game Jobs – Get Your First Video Game Tester Job

Video game jobs are no longer limited to geeks and techies proficient in computer graphics and coding. With the huge growth of the video games industry over the years, video game jobs are now being offered to home based part time testers as well.

Be a Star Audio Engineer – The Amazing Amount of Jobs in the Entertainment Industry As an Audioman!

Who needs a star Audioman? Everyone! While TV Cameramen have the glamour job, where can they go besides TV — a wedding video business? Audiomen have a choice of EVERY (yes every) professional entertainment venue!

How Do I Become the Best Closer in Sales?

A clear and concise presentation must follow and make it in depth. Don’t skip around; have your presentation laid out in order.

Never Become a Dinosaur in Business Or in Life

When I first started in the business world I started at the bottom of the food chain. I had been given no advantages in life in regards to my career. All I had was my own wits and personality.

7 Characteristics of a Good Medical Transcriptionist

If you are considering a career change, medical transcription may be something you are considering. There are seven characteristics that people tend to have who make good medical transcriptionists. A love of language.

Accounting is a Fertile Field to Sow Your Career

Accounting is a popular business term that has been widely used by the business of all sizes. Accounting is the essence of business, without which the business cannot function. It provides the knowledge where we gain profit and where we lose.

Alternative Nursing Jobs

When most people think of nursing they think of hospitals, wards and ER. However, there are a large number of different job types available to nurses which fall under the banner of ‘alternative nursing jobs.’ These jobs can be a world away from the emergency rooms and wards of hospitals.

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