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School Career Counselors and Advisors and the Advice They Give

So often school career counselors and advisers hurt the psyche of our children in Junior High, High School and even later on in College. This is a tragedy indeed. One career counselor I talked with at length worked for the University of Phoenix and she told me of how they were changing that problem.

Career Advice – How To Make Gossip Work For You

Gossip exists where you work whether you participate or not. Most of it is worthless; some of it downright destruction. But it may also include valuable information that can impact your career. So, you need to be sure you are plugged in. There are six steps you can take to make the gossip mill work for you.

Career Advice – So, Your Boss Is A Jerk

You will always have a boss who is the gatekeeper of your career. Unless you are the rarest of the rare there are times when you think he is a jerk, a real pain in the rear. When you understand what makes this character tick you’ll be better able to cope and to manage your relationship with him. As a result, your career will be accelerated.

Can You Afford Not To Hire A Career Coach? 3 Things You Must Be Prepared For

When it comes to winning the job you want, you might decide to go it alone. When it comes to winning the job you want, you might decide to go it alone. However, if you were trying out for the Olympics, you could certainly train and practice alone but statistically speaking, whether in the realm of sports or in the game of job applications, those who have professional coaches achieve the best results.

Ready for Some Solid Career Advice?

Several years ago, I was sitting in my high school guidance counselor’s office because I want to find some help about my future career. I really had no idea about what I want to be when I grow up, so it was quite a daunting experience. I need career advice because I was a bit overwhelmed by the huge number of things that I want to do in the future.

A Great Career Path in Bioengineering

Bioengineering (also called biomedical engineering) combines engineering expertise with medical needs for the enhancement of health care. According to the US department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of biomedical engineers is expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations through 2012. Hence, if you are considering your career in bioengineering field, you definitely are in the right career path. Read this article to get more information on your career path in bioengineering.

Career Advice – Share Power To Get Power

The first step toward getting more power (a.k.a. responsibility) is to hand off those tasks that others can perform as effectively as you can, so you will gain the time and energy to concentrate on the more demanding and visible tasks that will enhance your career.

Career Coach: 5 Things That Must Hold True When Shopping For Your Career Coach

Career coaches, like other professionals, should be judged on their merits and reputation. While anyone can hang a shingle on the door and advertise that they are a career coach, it is practical results that you want. And any reputable career coach should be able to show you a track record of successful job placements for satisfied clients…

How to Commit and Make the Right Decisions

Do you stand immobile at a fork in your career road? Do you feel ambiguous about your job, relationship or purpose? Here are some helpful tips to find the right path to solid psychological ground.

Career Advice – You’re Fired – Get Over It

Anyone can get the axe at any time. It happens to good people and bad ones…hard workers as well as slackers. There are 13 steps to survive and prosper if you lose your job.

Career Advice: Three Secrets to Telling Your Story for Career and Life Success

The following career advice story will show you how to put your career on the fast track:

Career Advice – You’re Not Paranoid; They Are Watching You

More and more employers are monitoring their employees’ use of e-mails and internet surfing. The primary objectives are to prevent leaks of confidential information and block viruses and hackers. Inevitably, monitoring also turns up personal information. The common sense career advice is to never post anything on the company’s computers that the sender or receiver wouldn’t want to see on the bulletin boards in the workplace.

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