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Meaningful Work? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get a Good Fit

When looking for a job, most people focus on the responsibilities of the job to find a good fit. While getting hired to do a job that is interesting and well suited to your background is important, there are three other pieces of the equation that should not be overlooked – your fellow workers, your manager, and the company. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself when you are seriously considering a particular job. Of course you will want to do this when you have an offer but I am suggesting that you review the questions before the offer is made and even before the interview so that you can create the questions to ask and look for clues during the interview.

Why Your Career Coach Won’t Help You Change Careers

Career change often begins with a phone call to a career coach or career counselor. Many clients find the investment more than pays for itself. But others get frustrated. Recently a reader complained, “My coach would not help me. She told me I do not need a career change.

A Successful Career Change Needs Help

A successful career change means informing yourself about the issues that are important to you, then defining your plan clearly and precisely so that you waste no time trying to decide what you should be doing next. Let’s be straightforward about this; changing your career or getting a new job involves some effort and a certain amount of ‘playing the game’, but obviously if you want something you must be prepared to do what is necessary, don’t you?

Become a Courier

There are many businesses that rely on couriers every day. From delivering an Elephant to an envelope, it’s all delivered by a truck. Many people like the feeling of the peace of mind that a courier can give them when delivering their goods.

5 Main Areas of Concern For Home Inspection Practitioners

Before attempting to start a new home inspection business, there are key areas a new comer must take into consideration. Perhaps in the public’s point of view, the work of a home inspector looks easy; I can assure you that it is definitely not. In order to make the business a profitable one, you need to make sure that you really look into the 5 areas as follow:

Are You Ready to Become a CPA?

Getting A CPA is not as hard as it seems. There are a lot of available help we can find online. We need only to be determined and focused; and pretty soon we will be one of the privileged few who hold the rightful title of a Certified Public Accountant.

Does My Heading Look Big In This? – A ‘Capital’ Way to Get Fired

An accountant in Auckland has been awarded $17,000 New Zealand Dollars, after being unfairly dismissed from her workplace for inappropriate use of capitalisation in staff emails. But is this just a case of the workplace gone mad, or does email etiquette really get your goat?

The Things You Shouldn’t Do in an Interview

Ever wondered why you can’t get past that initial interview stage? Are your bad habits keeping you from securing your dream job? Check out my guide on what NOT to do at an interview, to make sure your CV doesn’t get left on the pile.

The Key to Success in an Interview – How to Secure Your Dream Job

I’ve put together some simple guidelines so that you can make the most out of your job interview. By following these simple rules, you may be one step closer to your dream job. See if your interview technique makes the grade.

Getting to Grips With Redundancy

Redundancy is an unfortunate yet inevitable part of the Recession. If you’ve been affected by redundancy, here’s some help and advice to help get you through the tough times…

Hairdressing Apprenticeships

As a Hairdressing apprentice, you’ll work as a salon junior, assisting senior staff while training as a junior stylist. Duties are likely to include booking appointments, shampooing, conditioning, drying and styling hair, and mixing and applying hair colouring.

Electrical Apprenticeship

There are a number of job roles and apprenticeships to choose from in this field- whether it be in Electrical and Electronic Servicing, Electrotechnical Operating or working in the Electricity Industry involved with power stations. Electrical apprenticeships are all about teaching you to make things work and you can learn to specialise in one particular area.

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