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What Is A Recession Proof Job?

A recession proof job, to put it in basic terms, is any job that is not affected by economic downturn. A job or business that can keep going at its normal level of business, (or just a little bit less), is the answer to what is a recession proof job.

Check Into EMT Training Requirements to Get Started

When an emergency happens, the police and firefighters show up. However, they aren’t the only people needed at emergencies.

The Startup Culture: Getting the Gig

Are you a job seeker looking for an internship or job with a start-up company? This article provides tips for maximizing your chances of acing your next interview.

The Company You Keep at the Company

If “A man is known by the company he keeps,” then who do you want to be seen with in and around your work? Finding a mentor, teaming up with the competition and having open communication with your boss will build your positive reputation in the office.

Thinking of a Career Working With Animals?

Working with animals can be a rewarding career. This article gives some useful tips and can help you get the edge over other job candidates.

The Power of Persistence in Achieving Career Goals

When we are persistent, we act with conviction and that energy draws us toward those people and events that help our dreams come to fruition. Even if they don’t show up exactly how we want or think they should or, we are met with obstacles and roadblocks along the way, it is the persistent pursuit of our goals that will eventually bring them into reality. This also holds true for our career goals.

Leadership Lessons and Invisible Roles

The most incredible of leaders has an understanding of this invisible realm of role playing. They may need to call in professional help, yet, they have to have an ability to at least describe what they see happening at work to get things moving in a positive direction. Leaders who can make change happen may not be able to obviously see their own hidden roles, however, once they can see the roles that others are playing that lead toward a destructive place, a light begins to shine that can be the way for everyone to get out of the darkness of the hurt and upse

Forced to Change Careers – Uncover 5 Clearly Designed Steps for a Speedy Recovery

Forced career changes are the norm… it is sad to say. According to the U.S. Department of labor, China hourly wage for manufacturing employment was $1.36 in 2008. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to victoriously compete in this volatile working climate. If you are seriously considering a career change read…

The Benefits Of Getting A Paralegal Certification

Starting a career as a legal assistant or paralegal can be a great career for many who want to be involved in the field of law without taking on the additional schooling required to be a lawyer or prefer the duties performed by paralegals. However, one question that many people must ask themselves is whether they should get a paralegal certification to advance their careers. This is a good question as many people wonder whether it is worth the time and money spent to get certified.

Culinary Arts: Secret Facts That You Should Know

So you think you know about the culinary arts or want to impress your friends? Learn about some lesser known facts about this developing field. The art of cooking has become an established discipline that is also known as culinary arts.

Medical Billing and Coding – Career and Job Overview

Medical billing and coding can be one career which is really worth considering. Not only because it is one of the leading and fastest-growing professions all around the world but also because it has opened new horizons to the field of medicine, which, probably, weren’t discussed or brought to the forefront before.

At Work Image

The word image as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary is a “mental image or picture of something.” Some people work very hard at an image while others just allow it to happen. Here are a series of tips to improve your at work image.

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