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Administrative Assistant Job Description: What Are the Duties?

An administrative assistant’s job can very challenging and require a variety of skill sets depending on the tasks by your employer. A good administrative assistant must be cognizant of what is going on in the office and must perform a wide range of duties to ensure the operations of the office run smoothly. An admin assistant should be well versed in many of the common software programs and be able to multi-task.

Find Success With a Keyword Rich LinkedIn Profile

It goes without saying that networking is an effective way to build your business, or to get yourself seen when looking for a new career. Back in the day, that meant pressing the flesh and exchanging business cards, but the internet era has made that something of a thing of the past. Social networking is now the way that most people connect online, but it’s hard to think of Facebook or Twitter as places where you could advance your career.

Choose To Be A Travel Nurse Now

Choosing to work as a nurse is one of the best decisions that you will ever make. Because of the high demand for nurses these days, there are so many opportunities open for people when it comes to the nursing career. No matter what you interests are, it is sure that the nursing career will be able to provide you with a job that is suited for that.

Getting a Job in a Private Sector Bank

There are two major factions of bank jobs in India; they are the public sector banks and the private sector banks. Depending upon the education one can apply for a private sector bank job; however, graduation is a must. Fetching a polished seat in a private sector bank is a good deal these days, the growth is unparalleled.

Requirements For Registered Nurses

Nursing is a worthwhile profession because the job entails helping sick people and yet receiving a large amount of money as payment for the job. In this profession, pursuing higher degree of education while working is possible.

How To Land The Job That You Always Wanted

We spend a lot of effort in honing our skills, and piling up qualifications and job experiences, and yet sometimes we feel we aren’t working at a job that was meant for us. In other words, we have yet to land our ‘dream’ job. You know that there are others who can scale that ladder easier than you can. However, getting the job that you always wanted is not impossible. You just need to approach the whole recruitment process systematically.

How To Make A Career Transition Work

The economy has not made things easy for those struggling to keep their jobs and the unemployed have definitely been at their wit’s end. Constantly looking for jobs in your field that are out of your reach only tends to make one demoralized and depressed.

Underemployed or Unemployed – Now What? Empowerment That’s What!

Whether you are employed, unemployed, or underemployed You have the ability to feel a sense of empowerment. Twist your current situation on it’s head, and take back control.

5 Things Not to Do When Your Quit Your Job

Quitting a job — quitting well, at least — can be hard. Avoid these things or you may end up damaging your career.

Career Changes – How to Switch Jobs After Age 50

As a senior, or someone approaching this age, you might’ve a strong inkling for a career change. For starters, age can certainly work to one’s advantage when switching career paths. Not the opposite way around.

Seven New Ways To Step Up Your Job Hunt

When its’ time to get serious about job searching it’s highly recommended to have a game plan in place. The longer you stay unemployed or out of work, the more your debt can escalate and the greater the opportunities for your skills to degrade when you don’t take action. Consider the plan below as a great starting place for you to step up your job hunt.

How to Make a Good First Impression at the Beginning of Your Career

I look young for my age. It seems I always have. Or at least I’ve never managed to look older, no matter how old I actually get.

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