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How To Prepare Yourself In Entering A Military Career

Some people are eager to find a career in the field of the military. They want to be involved in serving the nation and become a part of its security. Even though it is a noble thing to do, there are a few things that you should know first.

Career Mentorship – Helping You Achieve Job Growth

Ever since we were young, we always had our parents, teachers, and other adults to guide us. They thought us what is right and what is wrong. They also taught us how to behave in certain situations. These little life lessons were important because they were to prepare us for life as independents. When we are living on our own and have our own jobs, it can be an entirely different situation.

Professional Effectiveness Through Personal Development

Due to the changing nature of the workplace, today’s worker needs to be committed to continuous development. This article discusses how to remain professionally effective through personal development. A self-assessment tool is included at the end of the article to assist the reader in measuring degrees of readiness and development, and planning what action to take to maintain a healthy level of professional effectiveness.

Can You Find Interesting Job That You Would Love to Do?

Getting a paycheck to pay the bills is important in life, but this does not mean that you have to work at a job just for the pay check. There are jobs available that are interesting and you would love to do. Getting paid for these kinds of jobs then seems to secondary as you enjoy doing the job.

10 Ways to Supersize Your Career

When looking of a new job or just becoming more valuable to the world. Read this article to show you 10 ways to create value.

Your Vocal Image – Do You Speak With Confidence or Sound Like a Wimp?

Confidence is one of the defining factors for those who are successful in business. When you hear yourself on any type of recording equipment, be it your answering machine, a video recorder or your iPhone, does your voice exude confidence? I am not asking if you like what you hear – most people do not. I am asking if your voice makes you sound competent and assured.

Three Ways to Improve Your Positive Energy at Work

Job pressure is the number one cause of stress in America. Whether you’ve had tension with a boss or co-worker, been overloaded with work, you know what it feels like to be stressed out about work. At National Agents Alliance, we believe in making the work environment as positive and comfortable as possible, making our employees as efficient and stress-free as possible. We’d like to give you a few tips to help you maintain positive energy throughout your work day.

Resume Tips to Set You Apart From the Crowd

Your resume is your marketing tool for success. You need to be able to advertise your skills and ability to succeed with your prospective employer. The format and feel of your resume can either open doors or close them, often this feeling can make people question why they didn’t get the interview or thinking they are not qualified.

Being a Good Conversationalist at the Holiday Party

In the business world you need good conversation skills to build relationships with your prospects, clients and collegues. The polished professional is one who can handle any conversation with ease. Read this article to learn how.

It’s Been Six Months, I Have Not Had A Real Interview – Is It My Resume? My 3 Speedy Wishes For You

Speed matters in a job search. But “don’t send a resume”, at least not yet. Generic, one-size-fits-all resumes slow you down. Besides they died long ago. There was no funeral. Customizing every resume you send is a must. Learn how tightly written, one-page letters to decision makers, not HR, bypass crowds of applicants.

Why Communication Is Vital for Career Growth

If you want to grow your career then you have to develop your communication skills. No matter where you are on the communication spectrum, you need to begin to develop your skills. The more you improve your communication then the better visibility that you will come your way. Think about it for a second. If you are an effective communicator then you will be confident in speaking in front of others such as in meetings. People will then hear your perspective on problems and start noticing you more. The more you are able to communicate then the better it is for you.

How Companies Can Help Employees Deal With Workplace Stress

Companies can help their employees deal with different stress issues by setting up the communication channel for employees to address these problems without repercussion. When companies can have an open dialogue with their workforce then this demonstrates their commitment to improve work environment for their people.

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