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Overcoming Objections

Great sales people love overcoming objections, but for many the fear of encountering objections looms large, particularly for the new home based network marketer. Learn how to prepare for objections and you’ll overcome your own fears.

The Painting Business – What Price Do We Charge For Our Painting Service?

You should be charging the “going rate”, right? Well what is the going rate? Has anyone ever told you what the going rate is? What is the going rate for an illegal? Do we try to match that going rate? What is the going rate for someone who is painting part time? Do we try to compete with these people?

Recruiters Help You Find the Right Job Instead of Waiting For the Job to Find You

In this market, especially when you have reached quite a senior level in your career, opportunities are fewer and farther between. It’s not a secret that the higher up the ranks, the less job opportunities exist. Especially for this reason, it is important to partner with an executive recruiter to help find that perfect employment opportunity for you.

I Want to Model! How Do I Get Started?

Has anyone every asked do you model? Have you ever been told you look like a model? If you don’t know how to get started help is just a few clicks away.

How to Start a Successful Career in Real Estate

Now, more than ever, it is important that new real estate agents start their careers off on the right foot. This article gives a few tips to getting started as a new agent.

Career Change – Can You Afford to Retrain?

One of the biggest barriers to career change is the expense of retraining. Here are some ways to overcome it.

Work For Those Over 50 – What’s the True Story?

The headline read “Career Changers After Age 50 Are Permanently Worse Off.” In a well crafted article, the author sited numerous statistics about older workers and the challenges they face in getting work after 50. In fact, studies consistently show that workers who are laid off at mid-life have a difficult finding another job that pays the same or better. In general, people who left a job involuntarily, earn two-thirds what they did in their previous job.

The Best Career Advice Would Include Learning How to Project a Positive Attitude

Everyone wants to get their dream job and most people are quite nervous when they go in for the interview. Some of them choke, and say the wrong thing, and their chances of their once-in-a-lifetime dream are dashed. After all, you can have the best resume in the world but if the human resource director that is interviewing you thinks that you’re somewhat weird or you have personality issues they are not going to overlook all that and hire you anyway.

Passion For Business

What do you get passionate about? Are you working in an area that you are passionate about? If not, what steps can you take to ensure that you start to move towards your passion?

Leadership Development – Overcoming Rejection

Rejection is an unfortunate part of any business. Having ideas rejected by your supervisor or manager, sales calls being rejected by prospective clients, and rejection from prospecting people that may be looking for a business opportunity. Overcoming rejection and persevering are key elements of a warrior spirit and that is something that all of the great business leaders possess, do you?

Working a Job

Are you getting everything you want out of life, right now? Do you still believe what your parents told you – that the answer is to work hard? Is working a JOB getting you where you want to go? Trading your time for money is never going to make you rich or give you financial security.

6 Strategies For Switching Career Tracks

If you’re thinking of changing careers, you’re not alone. Many people change careers several times in their working life. Although unhappiness with one’s current career is a common reason for wanting to switch tracks, not everyone who seeks a career change is unhappy with his or her current job.

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