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Why to Advance Your Career As a Cardiology Technician

These days many leading colleges and universities are offering cardiology technician education and training programs. In fact, in recent years, the ratio of students enrolling in health care programs in cardiology technician and technology has also increased proportionately. Learn here why this profession is gaining more popularity, its role in the health care industry, and potential career possibilities of choosing this career.

Business Can Be Simple If You Let It

Many of us will agree that being in business for yourself seems like a poisoned chalice right now. But if you prepare for difficult times and give yourself the best chance you can, you can work through it.

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The current American economy has so many people holding desperately on to a thin fraying rope tied to the open tailgate of a small truck heading down a cliff. Time to stop clutching to the old job mentality and start taking charge of your life. If you think holding on to a job which may or may not even exist a few months from now represents security, good luck.

3 Simple Ways to Find Out What Business Personality You Have

Test yourself on these three quick and easy questions to see what business personality you have. This will be a great indicator of which group you belong in. The 97% who fail in MLM, or the ones who make more than 10 people in a year from their dining room table.

Starting a Career As an Electrician

Electricity is what moves the world today. Right from your electrical appliances to air-conditioning, refrigeration or any other equipment, you need electricity to operate them. It would not be an exaggeration to say that without electricity and hence an electrician, modern life is inconceivable. Therefore, the reasons are many for us to have trained electricians who are paid really well.

If the Job Market Says You’re Too Old to Return, Start Your Own Business Network & Help Others Too

Many people, especially retirees, find themselves in the position of wanting to return to the job market because they need to make more money, or just want to be a part of something again, but in essence, are told they are too old. Why work for someone else, however, when you can start a business with little or no investment, create a new circle of friends, AND make enough money to satisfy your needs?

How to Get Into the CIA

Are you one of those who dream about being a shrewd agent who solves cases of national importance through his sharp intellect and quick reasoning and deducing abilities? Do you want to serve the nation and contribute to protect its integrity? In that case, working with the CIA is the right profession for you.

Career Development – A Tact to Ensure That Your Career Progresses Uninterrupted

One aspect of personal growth is career development hence it is important as an individual to approach this issue carefully and tactfully. A number of people are known to make mistakes that eventually delay their career development or cost them all together. It is also good to realize that having college certificates does not necessarily guarantee you success in your career.

Career Choice – Best Careers For Enterprising People

Career choice is based on many factors including personality. In fact, John Holland based his theory of career choice on the 6 most prominent personality types. Find out what this could mean for you, if you are an enterprising person.

Career Change – Redundancy As an Opportunity Not a Crisis

Making a career change is something most people put off, but if you have been made redundant this can be a great opportunity to make a change. If people in your profession are being laid off, chances are, you won’t be able to get a new job in the same career. But once you get over the initial shock, it’s time to look at your future in a new way.

Career Choice – Find a Career You Enjoy

Are you stuck in a dead end job and trying to make a career choice which will lead to a future you enjoy? It’s a tough situation – feel you have to stay there to pay the bills. And if you aren’t happy, making the effort to find something else seems impossible.

Top 10 Great Career Change Tips

When you have decided that you need to change your career – or if it has been decided for you in the form of a layoff or force reduction – you need to work quickly to find a new job or career. Both your finances and your emotional wellbeing are affected by a change in employment. Hopefully, when you seek a new career, you will change your life for the better. Here are a few creative career change tips to get you started:

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