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Basic Skills Required to Be an Animator

Today Animation is witnessing a significant growth and various channels of Entertainment coming in to the market; this field has become enormously large. Animation courses are in great demand among the people interested in building their career as an animator.

A Brief Note on Occupational Therapy Jobs

A therapist helps individuals get involved in social, political and environmental factors that contribute occupational deprivation. Occupational therapist not only helps patients to improve their basic motor function and reasoning abilities but also to compensate for permanent loss of function.

Negotiate Your Salary Effectively by Finding These Numbers

Identify the three most important numbers you will use in a salary negotiations. Learn where to find them.

How to Become a Security Guard and Get the Proper Training

If you’re interested in how to become a security guard, you’re in luck. This article will illustrate exactly what you need to know in order to get started with your training today – from qualifications to where to get the proper security guard training.

Business Relationships As They Relate to Corporate America

As we form business relationships, the question arises to whether a sole proprietorship or corporation is needed. For a definition purpose, a corporation is a legal entity, separate from its shareholders, created under the authority of the legislature. As an entity, a corporation is responsible for its debts.

Firefighter Equipment, The Keys to Success

It takes a rare human being to dedicate his life for the sake of others, risking injury on a daily basis for people they have never met. However, that is just what a firefighter does everyday, risking life and limb for communities across the country. For complete protection, those firefighters should have every available product and piece of equipment available to them.

Mind the Gap! Your Story During and Through a Time of Transition

A case study overview of how narrative and identity coaching helped a successful professional develop and apply her story – her personal narrative – to make a career change. Sheila had worked very hard to secure her career, financial stability, and general sense of well-being. What she was having trouble with was narrating her way into her passions, her callings, in a way that she could embody and embrace that, in turn, would provide the sense-making for her to at least test-story the waters of transition. Through narrative and identity coaching, she was able to generate and own her transition-narrative and begin to move forward.

Finding Your Career Fit

Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel? Are you feeling miserable and stuck in a job that’s not a fit? Usually, there is one aspect of the job that isn’t working for you. It could be that the work you’re doing isn’t interesting, you’re in the wrong role, or you’re in the wrong environment. Figure out what isn’t working, so you can move on.

How to Decide Which Career Is Right for You, Part II

Read more about how to decide which career is right for you. Find out how to choose a career by speaking with professionals, volunteering, or doing an internship.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Looking For a New Job

Read about 5 mistakes potential candidates make when looking for a job. This article is uses humor as well as real examples given by employers, HR Managers and your everyday Joe. This article is by no means a substitute for legal or human resource advice.

The Importance of Law Vacation Schemes

Legal work experience has never been more important for training contract applicants. Getting a place on one of the many law vacation schemes is one of the best ways to get some meaningful work experience.

Story-Pull! Trust the Call of the Story’s Power to Pull You Home

An overview case study of how narrative and identity coaching helped a successful professional women use her story – her personal narrative – to create a realistic path to the future she imagined, taking account of her past choices, while finding reason, meaning, and commitment in the things she does in the present. This overview show how knowing one’s story-pull takes you home-where you are well grounded and confident on your path to living who you imagine yourself being – no longer waiting for tomorrow to sort itself out.

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