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You Vs The Other Candidate – Five Secrets to Beating Your Competition and Getting Hired

With the unemployment rate just under ten percent, there is obviously stiff competition in the marketplace among qualified applicants for every open position. Getting the interview is only the first hurdle, but how do you get an offer? You must distinguish yourself as the best candidate among all the others, and tips and tricks won’t cut it. You must demonstrate that you are the best candidate by genuinely presenting yourself as a consummate professional. Here is a checklist for five secrets to crush your competition:

10 Steps to Take Before You Get Laid Off

Don’t wait until you are laid off to get your professional act together. Following these 10 steps now will help you whether you have already lost your job, or you just want to get an edge up on the competition in the event you are down-sized in the future. No matter what is going on in your professional life today, you can’t predict what will happen tomorrow. Be prepared!

A Whole New World With Pharmacy Technician Jobs

This type of job may seem to be an assistant role to some people but did you know that pharmacy technician jobs can lead you to a whole new level of career? Find out more by reading the full article.

Jobs Opportunities in Dubai – The New Land of Opportunities

Jobs Opportunities in Dubai are presently the most sought after not only in the Middle East, but the entire world. What with Amazing salaries, superb perks, Zero Income Tax, and a First World type life style, Dubai has become THE hottest jobs destination.

Is Prejudice Effecting Your Wallet?

Prejudice can effect every area of our lives. It is a learned response. We pick up quite a few of these from our parents and our family units. Unless we question these learned conditions in our lives we will be destined to continue them and pass them to the next generations.

Creating Unlimited Wealth! (Part 1) – Compounding Your Time Interest

I don’t know if you’re a teenager about to enter the workforce with your first part-time job or someone in their late 40’s with no retirement savings who has been struggling all their life to make ends meet. To be honest, I don’t really care because it doesn’t matter.

Teenage – The Right Age to Learn to Earn

Most people think that teenage is the age of having fun and enjoying the life. However, only few are thoughtful enough to divert all their young energies in their business ventures and earning some serious cash. The article discusses why it is good to invest in a teenage business idea.

How You Can Improve Your Career With Continuing Education Programs

All active professionals are given the opportunity to expand their horizons with continuing education programs. These formats are specially developed to meet the demands of active employees who are willing to pursue career advancement. This kind of educational program has few specific features, which make it different from other educational programs.

What NOT to Ask in a Job Application

In a hiring process, you want to be effective and productive, and narrow down your options as much as possible. Browsing through a pile of resumes takes up a lot of time and energy, and there’s always the burden of having to read three pages of useless information to find one thing that would be relevant for the job opening you have. To avoid this burden, many companies choose to set up preprinted job applications, focusing on the fields they are most interested in.

Can a Degree Impact Significantly on Your Career?

Education has a key-role due to the fact that teachers’ guidance prepares us for life. But how far ca we go in education? Each major phase or big step turns into a certificate, a diploma, or a degree.

Career Risks – Face Up the Fear of Failure

Building up a career is a challenge, it takes time, effort and of course a grain of luck. What happens when you do not pursue the path that you initially planned? Many have experienced episodes of failure, which might have dragged them down.

Career Choices – Play Safe Or Run the Risk?

Career choices -that is for sure a tricky issue for many of us, simply because career impacts quite strongly all aspects of our lives. Having a good career means that we are given great chances to improve significantly our lifestyle and consequently our overall attitude. Yet, this fact is pretty much conditioned by the decisions and choices we make regarding our career.

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