How Much Does TinyKittens HQ Make on YouTube

Tips To Survive In The Acting Industry

Want to become an actor? The first thing that you should know is that there is no hard and fast rule to establish yourself in this industry. A movie made with a mind-blowing script and directed by an award-winning director might sink at the box office, whereas a small budget film might end up being the top grosser of the year.

Why It Is Never Only About the Resume

Just remember that your resume will introduce you to the accounting firm long before you ever meet face to face. Keeping that perspective will allow you to keep the edge.

Lady Gaga’s Guide to Career Success

Lady Gaga has much to teach you about approaching your career in a way that leads to wild, undeserved success. The reason you might be unemployed, underemployed, or unsatisfied in your career is likely because you are following 20th-century rules about getting ahead.

Self Employment’s Sweet Spot: Marketing

The jobless are turning to self employment to extend their unemployment check, make ends meet until they find full-time positions, or test out the entrepreneurial waters. No surprise, ‘Huffington Post’, which focuses on the current economic struggle, took a look at It’s an online site where those who craft handmade goods can sell them and consumers can purchase them. The good news is that there are many platforms like, both online and offline, from which to start and operate a small business.

Tips for Keeping Your Cool Around Cranky Customers

Many employers advise their people to be patient with difficult, even rude customers, and try, not only, to diffuse the situation; but also, to make the customer happy and ultimately satisfied. “It pays dividends business-wise, if you treat the customer the way you’d like to be treated,” says Joel Lloyd, a supermarket manager in Waltham, MA.

Jobs Most Likely to Wreck Your Marriage

If your spouse helps people or touches them for a living, be careful — you might be headed for a divorce. Helping professions and hospitality workers have some of the highest divorce rates in the country, according to a comparison of divorce rates among occupations.

Qualities Every Phone Technician Should Possess

A phone technician should desire to give every business his or her best, but unfortunately there are always a few that are just trying to get the job done. There are certain qualities that every exceptional phone technician should possess.

Noodles, Broken Chairs and Job Searches

As strange as the title appears, what’s more astonishing is that most employees settle for all three each and everyday. How you ask? Read the article to gain a deeper understanding, then ask yourself “are you the very employee I’ve described?”

How to Avoid Attracting the Freelance Client From Hell

If you’ve ever had a freelance client that was just never happy no matter how great your work then you understand the importance of not attracting this type of client. Learning how to avoid these types of clients will help you to avoid financial loss, and the headaches that can come with the freelance client from hell.

Tips on How to Model

We always see advertisements and commercial ads almost everywhere – on television, magazines, billboards, newspapers and even online. Sometimes, we dream of picturing ourselves as a model superstar or a famous commercial model. It is truly a big dream for most of us especially for girls who are dying to look perfect to get a chance in life to have a modeling career.

A Possible Way for Achieving Your Career Goals

When it comes to your career (or to any other area of your life for that matter), knowing what it is you really want is extremely helpful. I have come across many cases when the career change required was not even a big one but because of the lack of clarity it certainly looked like it.

Resume Q and A

So, why do you even have a resume? Oh, here he goes again, you might say. To be honest, occasionally you should look back and figure out why…

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