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Professional Career Consultant – The Pros of Using One

If you have a tight budget or fancy yourself a wordsmith, you may be hesitant to use professional job search or even resume building advice. But consider the benefits of making such a choice. Like in any other search, when you are looking for a professional in any specialty you want to make sure you find, select and use the best.

Job Search in the Hidden Job Market

The hidden job market isn’t going to come to you. So you have to go after it. The jobs a hiring manager is thinking about, such as to replace a current employee because he/she may not be performing well, maybe someone is going back to school and will be leaving soon. These scenarios are happening every minute somewhere at some company and those might be the perfect jobs for you.

Being an Independent Contractor Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

This article will describe the benefits of being an independent contract worker in a variety of different careers. It is a way to have your own business but work within a particular business or company.

Tips For Working Your Way Up the Career Ladder

The economy in Britain is not great. The worldwide recession seems to have taken its toll on a lot of people. Chances are you might know people who have been affected by the recession.

Become a Nanny

A nanny is no longer a glorified baby-sitter but a graduated professional from an ACNS (American Council of Nanny Schools) approved school with proper certifications. Here are some tips on how to work on one’s background to become a nanny in today’s workplace.

Discover a Career in Art

Have you always loved to draw, paint or design? There are many people whose creative nature directs them to desire a career in Art.

What’s the Outlook of Pharmacy Technician Careers?

A career in pharmaceutical science is always rewarding, as a pharmacy technician is among the leading professionals in the pharmaceuticals industry. Pharmacy technician is always there to assist pharmacists in filling prescriptions for drugs and reviewing orders for drug allergies, interactions and incompatibilities. Pharmacy Technicians may also be responsible for calling doctors’ offices for prescription refill; cleaning and sterilizing dispensing bottles and instruments; answering questions regarding non-drug products; transporting medications, drug-delivery devices, and other pharmacy equipment from the pharmacy to nursing units and clinics.

Learn How to Critique a CV Example

Most people have no trouble evaluating a CV example created by someone else but are not able to do the same for themselves. There are some job seekers who create a sample resume for their own personal use. Still others are determined to profit from the CV example they create by selling it online.

How to Be a Valuable Employee

In this difficult economic times, many companies are laying off. What can you do to ensure that you are the last person they think of letting go? There are some steps you can take to make yourself a valuable employee and stand a cut above the rest.

Crunch Time Makes Telecommuting Lonely

Telecommuting can be lonely at the best of times and you have to have some techniques in your back pocket to prevent that loneliness. But during crunch times, even the most experienced career telecommuter may struggle with these techniques and find they’re going crazy from lack of face-to-face human contact.

Square Business Cards – Good Idea Or Bad?

Square businesses are a great way to stand out from the pack and offer an instant visual advantage over other business cards. The question is, does that make them a good idea? Here’s the truth about the costs and benefits of square business cards.

Dance to Your Own Tune With a Career in Music

Are you passionate for music and searching to find the perfect career in the music industry? Even if you are not a talented musician, you can have a successful career in the music industry.

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