How Much Does Today in Jen’s Sewing Room Make on YouTube

How to Become a Chief Learning Officer – The Twenty Basics

I may be biased due to my years of experience in human resources and training with The Ritz-Carlton organization, but I firmly believe that the goal of every professional trainer should be to become a Chief Learning Officer. To be wildly successful in the endeavor of employee training, learning, and development, it must be something that you are excited about, love, and look forward to doing everyday.

Things to Know About Physician Assistant Careers

There are several questions and doubts, which aspiring PAs or physician assistants think of. These include questions about whether physician assistant careers are suitable for them, if they have the requisite characteristics and qualities needed to pursue such a niche as well as what are the eligibility criteria applicable etc. There are also questions pertaining to the best schools for such courses and the job prospects involved once the course is completed.

CeMAP Training & How to Become a Mortgage Broker

As with most industry sectors, there are a number of traps to avoid when considering a career in the financial services sector and, having been in the same position myself almost 20 years ago, I know how long and painful the learning curve can be without the guidance of an experienced mentor. Looking back, I would have given a great deal for the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others rather than to have to learn the hard way. In fact, it is these very challenges that cause many new brokers to throw in the towel when they realize they have nobody to turn to without writing out big cheques. So, how can we make a success of such a career change? In this article I will be looking at CeMAP training, since this is the first step on your journey to becoming a successful mortgage broker.

Marketing Tips For Actors – Ten Steps to Prepare You For the Primetime TV Market

One of the biggest mistakes that actors make before entering the TV Market in Los Angeles or New York is not being prepared with the right marketing tools, financial strategy and mindset. Here are some important tips to help you jumpstart your career in that competitive media.

Midlife Career Change – 5 Tips For Reinventing Yourself As a Top Wedding Planner

Have you always wanted to be a wedding planner but think the time for following your dream has passed? Not so. Many wedding planners started their businesses after a long career in another field. Read to find out how you can do it too.

Tips to Getting Nursing Jobs Overseas

There are virtually thousands of nursing jobs overseas, which can allow you to enhance your career in the right direction. With such jobs, candidates can participate in various clinical experiences and earn a lot more money than what was possible within the US. Since there is a rising demand for qualified nurses in almost every country these days, there are many lucrative job opportunities available abroad.

Tips For Becoming a Chief Executive Officer

Learn important tips for becoming a CEO. In today’s ever-changing job market, you need the right mindset and foresight to reach the top of the corporate ladder. Learn advice from leading business leaders including Dennis Carey, Gerry Roche and others.

New Wedding Planners – Don’t Make These 3 Embarrassing Mistakes When You Meet a Bride

The first time you meet a potential client face-to-face, whether it is the bride, both the bride and groom, or the bride and her family, you’ve got to make a good first impression to get hired as their wedding planner. You’ve impressed them over the phone or via your email “conversations” so they agreed to meet with you but don’t chase them away by making these embarrassing mistakes.

How to Become a CNA Nurse

The Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are the inseparable parts of any healthcare centre. These CNAs are the true service providers to the sick people who are admitted to these hospitals, nursing homes, and private clinics. These skilled CNA nurses are accepted members of all the healthcare centers. It can be very well accepted that the success of these healthcare centers largely depend upon the shoulders of these efficient medical workers.

Professional Gratitude, Growth & Recognition

Being so rushed and driven can certainly mean getting more done, but it can also result in glossing over some rich and meaningful encounters and the corresponding growth. While we may not always look at our professional interactions as something to be grateful for, we should. The people, projects and experiences we have in our professions shape our future, allow us to grow and allow us to shape the future of others. Pleasant or unpleasant, we should be thankful for the lessons we are presented.

CNA Role Explained

The CNA training is becoming more popular all over as it guarantees certain employment opportunities. Some CNA training institutes provide free CNA classes to the aspiring candidates. It is an accepted fact that the nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and Adult Homes cannot function properly without these efficient nurses.

Step Up and Take Action

Do not be a sideline observer in your life. Membership in Procrastinators Anonymous buys you a ticket to NoWheresville. Normally there are 4 seasons in the year: Spring, summer, fall and winter. Consider the fact that some people have created an entirely different season which lasts all year long. This new season is called “Freebie” or “Do it for me” or “wait for someone to do it for me.” Now if you are fortunate enough to be part of the lucky gene pool and relatives will give you a handout, then you are part of the privileged minority. 99% of the population does not qualify for a free ride in life.

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