How Much Does Tom Scott Make On Youtube

Graphic Design Jobs

Graphic design is an exciting and rewarding career field, where you get to take the visions you have, express them visually through different media and then share them with the world, all the while getting paid for it. Below is a list of some specific careers within this field.

Resume – Writing Tips

Having a good resume is as important an element of a job search as any other. The resume is often the fist thing that a prospective employer sees from you-along with a cover letter.

Careers After 50 – Build Your Career Options!

If you are over age 50, or at any age now may be the time to consider building up your career options. You are likely to change careers so why not take action and build your career choices on your own time. Career development takes many forms but to find and work in the best career for you takes some analysis and some career planning.

Steps To Follow To Make Bigger Waiter Tips

Being a waiter or waitress isn’t the best paying job if you will just look at your basic wage. You can earn more by relying on waiter tips that you get each day. Tips can help you make ends meet, and can even buy you things that aren’t basic necessities.

X Ray Technician Careers – 3 Job Responsibilities You Will Have

Are you thinking of a career as an x ray technician? As one of the most in-demand jobs at the moment it sure offers a lot of opportunity for the right candidate. While the salary is quite good, this is not a job you need to get into for the sake of the money.

An Introduction to Cosmetology Careers

Cosmetology careers are careers dedicated to enhancing people’s appearances. Cosmetologists can specialize in hair, nails, makeup and many other aspects of physical beauty.

Why Do I Want This Job?

Are you worried about job tie breaker questions on your application forms? The key to answering is to first understand what the company is trying to achieve by asking them. They don’t really care about the specific answer, they just want to see you’ve taken the trouble to actually think about their question.

How to Find a Job – Selling Yourself

Some people are more shy and reserved than others, and some people are just naturally humble. If you are one of these modest and retiring types, however, you’ll have to fight those qualities as best you can so you can make yourself stand out during a job search. In today’s competitive job market you really have to be able to sell yourself, your skills and your best qualities with confidence.

Journalism May Be A Difficult Route

There are many journalism graduates in the UK, showing 7,590 from the 2008-2009 school years, as much as 60% of all the UK College graduates. Unfortunately, only a small amount of these students are going to actually land placement within the UK journalism market, as it slows to an almost halt.

Medical Jobs: Working With Pregnant Women and Newborns

What could be better than working with pregnant women and their newborn babies? You get to experience firsthand the miracle and fragility of life, and you get to help expectant parents out at one of the most exciting and joyous times of their lives-a time that is, for some people, also one of the most stressful.

Tips for Those Interested in Video Game Design Careers

As you can imagine, many people around the world are interested in a career in video game design, and so competition for entry-level positions in top video game companies can be phenomenally intense. Still, there are sensible measures you can take to maintain a competitive edge among all the video game designers out there.

Courtroom Careers: Law Clerks

Of all the people who work within the legal system, law clerks may have the most misleading job title. You might imagine a law clerk as someone who performs clerical duties like bookkeeping and making legal records, but that’s not what a law clerk does at all. Rather, law clerks are lawyers or people knowledgeable about the law who help judges arrive at their official decisions.

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