How Much Does Tonya Howell Make on YouTube

Helping Someone Choose a Career

Choosing a career can be a very difficult task for some people. As it is a life changing task, it is indeed difficult, but you have no other option other than choosing a career.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

The term “Virtual Assistant” is very common in business. The definition of a virtual assistant has undergone a great change with their growth.

Finding Accountant Training – Choose From a Variety of Colleges and Universities

With the number of business owners growing every day the need for accountants as become a growing trend. There are many ways to pursue a career in accounting that will bring you consistent jobs and a new career very fast.

Managing Time Effectively at Work

Time management is an old theory but in reality there is nothing called time management. Time management in real is self management. You can not manage time but you can manage the use of time.

Accountant Salaries – Experience Plays a Significant Role

When considering a career in the accounting field, most see the potential income that could be made by professionals in the field. It takes a lot of organization and dedication to be a successful accountant in the competitive business society we live in.

Highest Paying Careers

Read about the highest paying careers in the US and how you can earn as much or even more that any of them. See the similarities and read about alternative ways of earning the same amount of money.

What is a Party Promoter?

Why a club owner pays to the promoters when he can directly advertise on TV or other media? There are two reasons. First, advertising on TV or other media is very expensive.

Boss Bullies – The Chain of Pain

Encounters with hypercritical and aggressive bosses that are never satisfied can make the work you could love seem unfulfilling and tedious. Then again, maybe YOU really ARE the problem!

How to Gain Financial Freedom in the 21st Century Gold Rush

There has been a gold rush happening since the 1990’s on a scale the world has never seen before. It is called the internet and it has been a game changer. It leveled the playing field, allowing average Joe’s (and Josephine’s) to gain financial freedom in a matter of years, (not decades), following a three part formula.

Independent Contractor – Career Move For Those With Expertise

There is a growing trend towards the employment of Independent Contractors by larger companies. This trend represents an enormous opportunity for individuals with expertise and knowledge who crave freedom and recognition in their work. If you desire getting paid for results, then packaging your expertise and selling it, may become your new career path.

Are You a Leader, a Follower, Or Someone Who Prefers to Wallow?

Your choice, whether it be to lead, follow or wallow will greatly determine your success, your personal well being and the opportunities you choose to take advantage of. Boldness is a trait inherent in many leaders, and although it may manifest itself in different ways, that boldness often translates to success in the realm of business when it comes to change.

Project Management Salary – Become a Profitable Manager

You will need devotion as well as organization to become a profitable project manager within the cut-throat business society we reside in. When contemplating work within the project management field, most people are excited about the possible revenue that may be produced by being a specialists in the field.

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