How Much Does Topper Guild Make on YouTube

What to Do When a New Job Seems Too Good to Be True

When a “perfect” opportunity comes along, if you have even one moment of doubt, no matter how fleeting or illusive, pay attention. That is your inner wisdom trying to tell you something.

Specializing in Breast Sonography

Specializing in breast sonography is an excellent choice for medical professionals who want to help women and have a rewarding career that will be in demand for many years to come. The degrees needed depend on whether you want to work as a technician, manager, lead sonographer or other professional in this field.

The Number 1 Secret For Making Big Money As a Model

This “secret” can net you more money than most of your modeling friends. It’s easy to learn, safe to do, and won’t compromise your morals or ethics in any way. Yet most modeling wannabes don’t do it! Make serious paydays over and over again by following this one bit of advice.

Jobs in Public Relations

Careers in public relations are reputable, fetch a good salary, offer a challenging work atmosphere and career growth opportunities, perks and freebies are plenty. Naturally, people’s interests in careers in public relations are growing by leaps and bounds. Moreover, almost all companies in the world are on a public relations employment hiring spree.

Job Security Or Work Freedom? Here’s How to Get Work Freedom!

If you are in a job you hate and are in it for the benefits, the routine, the stability, the familiarity and safe haven it provides, then you probably crave job security. In these economic times is there such a thing as job security? Better to have FREEDOM than security which really isn’t secure.

Dream Career? You May Be Rationalizing it Away!

How often have you gotten a good idea only to be explained away by “reasonable and valid” excuses? Have you not taken action on that deeply embedded inclination you’ve been feeling? Are you doing “OK” on your job? Is the money “OK” but you secretly wish for more?

Debunking the “Career Test” Myth

When you hear the words “career test,” do you roll your eyes in skepticism? In the past, you may have answered a battery of multiple choice questions, but the results were not helpful in directing your path or increasing your self-knowledge. The “test” may have even indicated that you should be a bus driver or join the military.

Never Settle

People frequently have the option of accepting what they’re given or trying to get something more or better. Leaders tend to want more, but the great, visionary leaders always demand the best.

Job Interview Success – The “Tell Me About Yourself” Trap

What not to do when you’re asked the interview question, “Tell me about yourself.” Do you know the best answer to this question? You should as it will definitely help you rate higher in the interviewers mind than your competition.

Job Search Marketing

There are lots of job seekers who get frustrated because they do not get the right kind of jobs for themselves. These days you will find a number of job search engines which offer different kinds of jobs in different fields.

When Your Students Know Where You Live

As a teacher you will be given personal information about your classes, including your students’ home addresses and telephone numbers. It is important that you know where your students live, so that they and their families can be contacted if necessary. However, if your place of work is just down the road from your house, it is inevitable that some students will find out where you live.

How Do I Tell My Prospective Employer I Am Sick?

One in three working-aged North Americans has a chronic illness. Here is a look at how to discuss your illness when you are applying for a job.

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