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Interview Questions Guide

Securing an interview is an achievement in itself in today’s congested job market. However, getting that all important face time is only the first step in an often difficult process.

Redundancy Needs a Cool Head

Redundancy is still a problem that many UK workers are concerned about, despite the country’s recent return to economic health and stability. During the prosperous times of the late 90s and early noughties people still lost their jobs and had to deal with redundancy because of mergers, takeovers and simple mismanagement.

Performance Management – Employee Resilience

Most of us dread the idea of being called into our bosses office to be told that we are not “performing” in our current role and that we are going to be “performance managed”. For anyone who has had this experience, what were your initial thoughts? Typically things like “this cannot be happening to me”, “this is unfair!

Job Ads Decoded

Just like online dating profiles sometimes there are hidden meanings to be found in the wording of a job posting. Here are some of them decoded.

It Doesn’t Pay to Help People

Often times, no one will pay you to be nice. The best jobs, or the most high paying, aren’t about helping the world.

Clearly See Your Best Career Change

Still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? One approach to authentic career change and discovery is to see where you’re hung up. Once you identify your roadblocks and illusions you can clear them one at a time and see your best business or career move.

Top 5 Growing Job Industries Despite the Recession

The recent recession has caused many people to lose a steady income as more and more people are laid off due to closure of offices factories and other establishments. Despite this, there some jobs that continues to grow especially those in the health sectors.

Dental Marketing Together With Dental Care Associate Program Acceptance

The dental marketing assistant profession is among the fastest growing professions. It is expected to be among the top jobs by 2012. Just about all Dentist Assistant programs demand candidates to successfully pass a background check prior to acceptance. Additionally, drug screening has become a greatly frequent practice as well. Most states call for trainees to be examined for Hepatitis B prior to acceptance too.

Getting Bigger Tips Starts With Your Own Attitude – Do You Love What You Do?

When you feel good about yourself, it shows in your face as a smile and you tend to radiate positive energy. A good attitude deserves gratuity.

Journalistic Interviews – The Six Step Help Guide

Some people are just born to be journalists. They are inquisitive and audacious and have the pizazz crucial for any successful scribe. And then, there are some of us, who sadly have the social skills of a turnip and find ourselves chewing our heart every time the word ‘interview’ is mentioned.

Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do?

How to get that Perfect Job. There are two parts to having a good job that you enjoy.

Are You Desperately Looking For Work?

While the global financial crisis seems finally over, recovery can be somewhat slow. This, however, does not mean that there are no jobs available. If one is enterprising or willing to learn a new skill, there are both old and new jobs available for those who are looking for work.

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