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Tidal Waves

I’m standing on a beach surrounded by a vast expanse of dark sand for as far as I can see. Gulls are squawking in the distance. I’m looking into my father’s watery blue eyes. He’s animated and young, explaining something to me with more passion than I ever saw in the last years of his life. His brother, my beloved Uncle Pete, who died soon after my dad, is standing beside us, laughing. We’re enjoying the vivid openness of the sand and sky and sharing stories when behind them in the distance, I see a huge tidal wave rolling along the sand towards us – maybe 100 feet high and towering ominously over the flat landscape. We turn and see another powerful wave rolling directly towards us from the opposite direction. We’re standing in the midst of these two oncoming waves, and in an instant realize there’s nothing to do.

A Message From Beyond

It’s 2 a.m., and I’m sound asleep when suddenly there’s a strange and very large man standing right beside my bed – about a foot away. He’s wearing jeans, a dark t-shirt, and an unbuttoned flannel plaid shirt. He’s not trying to scare me; he’s just casually standing there looking at me – rather sweetly. But he does scare me; It’s the middle of the night and I don’t know him. As all of this information processes through my sleepy brain, I’m already screaming “Who are you?” and struggling to sit up in bed. Now my husband, our two kids, the cat and the dog are all wide awake – yelling, “What’s wrong?” and making lots of commotion.

What To Do If You Want To Have A Great Day At Work

Jill wakes up by 5:30 every morning and begins to prepare for her day. Jill works through the day and closes for the day by 5:00 pm. What really puzzles Jill though is that there are a lot of things she would have loved to do but can never find enough time to do them. It just seems like Jill cannot find enough time to do all she has to do for the day. Jill is also not happy with the state of her home. This is due to the fact that she does not have time to really give her home the attention it deserves. Here is the big question…

What Is Virtual Assisting?

Virtual assistants, also known as VAs, are among the fastest growing home-based professionals. Contrary to popular belief, virtual assisting is a highly skilled job and involves providing administrative, clerical, secretarial and other types of specialized support to businesses, executives, entrepreneurs and anyone else who might need their services. The job is pretty much the same as that of an onsite office assistant with the only difference being that these professionals provide their services from a remote location, which for most of them is their home.

Five Things You Must Know Before Applying to Fashion Jobs

Applying for fashion jobs huh? You’re finally here. You’re sitting in front of your computer preparing to start submitting resumes and anticipating interview call backs. But wait! Don’t do one thing else prior-to reading the rest of this article and you’ve decided that you have got the dedication needed to apply for and work in fashion. There are some crucial things you must know before you apply for fashion jobs. Sure the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” shows us some of the craziness of the fashion industry but let’s just discuss this a bit more and give you some realistic expectations prior to deciding to proceed.

Fashion Merchandising 101

A career in fashion merchandising provides the flexibility of a wide variety of specialties. Here you will get a solid idea of the several career paths of a fashion merchandiser, the role he or she plays and how crucial that role is in the fashion industry.

Interview Question: Can You Give Me an Example of When You Have Had to Demonstrate Business Acumen?

How to successfully deal with interview questions about business acumen, commercial awareness or similar terms. Advice from a legal recruitment consultant, career coach and solicitor/employer on what employers are actually looking for.

What Is A Clinical Nurse Specialist?

Clinical nurse specialists have an important role in the modern health care industry – they help to integrate care across the spheres of patient care, nursing and the health care system as a whole. A clinical nurse specialist, also known as a CNS, is a type of nurse practitioner with an advanced specialty, which he or she has studied in a master’s or doctorate program.

Working Towards a Physical Therapist Assistant Career

Have you been thinking about pursuing a physical therapist assistant career? If yes, then you have to know that finding a school that offers related programs is not that difficult. Courses are currently being offered in almost all public and private colleges in the United States. Working through a training program can be very interesting and enjoyable at the same time.

Work In IT: What Is It And How Do I Start?

The IT industry – it’s large, it’s respected, and it’s growing. All this talk about technologies and companies and everything can make it sounds very overwhelming and confusing if you’re interested in starting work in the IT industry. Not for much longer – read on to find out what the IT industry is about and how to start working in the IT industry.

From Playground to Payslip – Returning to Work After a Career Break

Thinking about going back to work after a career break? You probably have mixed feelings! Whether your motivations are mainly financial or whether you want to broaden your experiences out of the home, making the decision to return to work can often be accompanied by perfectly normal feelings of fear, worry and guilt. This article explores the benefits, considerations and first steps in moving “from playground to payslip” for parents wishing to return to the paid workforce after time out raising children.

Another Piece Of The Puzzle: The Value Of Volunteering

What is the value of volunteering to the job seeker? It’s more than just a chance to help others. Here’s why you should look for opportunities to volunteer when looking for a new career.

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