How Much Does Travel Ruby Make On YouTube

Work Life Balance For Doctors: How To Avoid Emotional Blackmail

As a busy doctor working hard, not only at your day to day job but also trying to have more balance in your life, you must avoid a particular trap. It might be called ’emotional blackmail’ because that’s what it seems to be. You have two opposing forces fighting inside you: that part of you which  has planned to do something special when you get home that day and the other opposing force which doesn’t want to let colleagues down.

Working a Job Vs Working Online From Home

This is an age-old question since the industrial revolution. Do I work for myself or work for others? Some do both. Some ask themselves this question all their lives and only time answers.

How to Turn Your Temp Job Into A Permanent One

Are you struggling to find a permanent job in this tricky climate? This article offers you some key advice that should help you turn your temp job into a permanent one.

Four Strategies to Keep Your Career Relevant

Traditionally, we have thought of a professional as someone who is very dedicated and practiced within a relatively narrow, yet focused type of work. They choose to not be distracted with trying to be too many things to too many people. Instead they get really good at delivering a limited category of service or product.

Kids and Modeling – Be Careful, Parents

Let a kid be a kid! The world in which we live in now is not the same and kids are exploited in this business everyday. Don’t let the allure of fame cause you to make some decisions that you’ll later on regret.

After The Diploma: How Is A Company Going To Pay You For Your Sales Services?

Entering the world of sales means that you will also be entering the world of commission. Having a salary that is partially or wholly linked to a commission means that your job performance is directly linked to your paycheck. That means as an employee, you have more control over your earning potential.

How To Be A High Paid Medical Administrative Assistant

The business world is a bit cruel. Sometimes, even if you strive hard in your work, yet you still fail to earn an ideal salary. Working in the same line does not mean that everyone is earning the same figure because there are many factors that determine the pay.

How to Make the Salary Negotiation Process Easy and Satisfactory

One of the most sensitive issues when it comes to job hunting and the whole employment process is money. Discussing remuneration always causes anxiety not only on the employee but also on the employer. The process, however, doesn’t have to be gruesome and stressful; here are seven great ways you can make the process easy and satisfactory, leaving both parties feeling content by the outcome.

How to Decide on the Career You Want

I believe that after finishing your high school studies, you are unsure on what career you want to pursue. I’m sure your parents and close friends gave their suggestions as what is the suitable course you will take in college. This is inevitable since they notice your personality, likes and dislikes as well as passion in life.

Writing A Covering Letter And Standing Out To Your Employer

With the job market as it is there are literally thousands of people applying for jobs, desperate to secure employment. When the manager of a company has to sift through hundreds of CV’s a day they will start to become very critical and filter out many applications for the simplest error or spelling mistake.

Some of the Most Sought After Jobs in the Medical Field

There are many lucrative careers in the medical careers that you can choose from. Here are some of the most sought after careers in the medical field.

How to Become a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant In An Easy Manner

Some people hate biology, chemistry and physics but they have great interest to work in the medical industry. Do they still have chance to contribute their effort? Yes, of course. They can consider obtaining either a diploma or an associate’s degree in medical administrative assisting. After they graduate, they can work as a certified medical administrative assistant in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, etc. They will be responsible in providing administrative and clinical support to the doctors, physicians and nurses.

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