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Your Career is a Business

Job Loss Risk With unemployment rates hovering around 10% if you have not lost your job you probably know someone who has. Even though the economy seems to be making a slight recovery, it is still pretty spooky out there for a lot of people. I find it odd that even while people feel so vulnerable to job loss they are still content to release control of their livelihoods to their current employer.

What Conception Does Your Business Correspondence Create?

Not beyond the first 3 seconds of a new experience, we are judged and evaluated. It is not apart in doing written communication. People conclude split-second reactions about us derived on our writing abilities in a newsletter, email, report, employee’s evaluation or article.

NAS Pensacola – Your First Stop in Becoming a Navy Pilot

So you’ve earned you’re commission and are headed to NAS Pensacola to begin flight training to eventually become a Navy pilot. Before you strap in to your first naval aircraft (which by the way will be a T-34C Turbo Mentor) you’ll have to complete API–better known as Aviation Preflight Indoctrination. If you’re not familiar with aviation, before you begin flight training in an aircraft you’ll go through a period of ground instruction introducing you to concepts and subjects(such as aeronautics, meteorology, aircraft performance etc.

Is Humour Appropriate For the Workplace?

Everyone likes to laugh and joke, and most of us list sense of humor as one of the main things we look for in a friend or partner. It therefore seems a good idea for humor to enter into an office or workplace situation; after all, laughing makes us all feel better and can even increase creativity. Yet it can be difficult to find the right balance. So before you crack your next great joke, ask yourself this – is humor appropriate for the workplace?

Navy Pilot – So You Want to Be a Navy Pilot?

Congratulations on wanting to become a U.S. Naval Aviator. If you become a Navy pilot you can look forward to a career filled with adventure, excitement, and challenge.

All About Career Aptitude Test

Career aptitude test is one way of helping the teens in order to assess their skills into the level that they are capable with. It is also another way of assessing their interest and competence being an individual. This test will give them the insight into the kind of career that they are going to take in the near future.

Life Balance and Your Career

Millions of people all around the world take on the challenge every day of creating life balance or at least work and life balance. Each day they try to keep their job or career from taking over their lives and keeping them from doing the things in life that they really enjoy.

Consequences of Unemployment and How to Avert it

You may have experienced an unemployment situation due to loss of job during recession. Imagine the amount of stress you need to face when you become redundant.

Which Massage Courses Are Right For You? – Important Decisions You Need to Make Before You Decide

Whether you are looking for a career change or your first ever career, massage therapy could be the rewarding job you are looking for. But with so many types of massage courses out there, how do you decide which is the best for you? Do you really know enough about the different types of massage available to even start making an informed decision? This article summarizes the most common types of massage available and the different environments a massage therapist can work in.

Food Hygiene Training

Food Hygiene Training With the increase of Food Outlets it is becoming a struggle for businesses to keep up with the ever-increasing training that they have to give their staff. Food Hygiene Training has to be done by law. Demands on the Food Industry are high and a lot of companies find it hard to find the time and money to train staff.

Graphic Design Degrees and Creativity Can Lead to a Rewarding Career in Art

A career in graphic design essentially involves conveying information by means of varying visual solutions with a view to enhancing the prospects of a product, a service, or an entity. The term implies a collaboration of skills pertaining to creativity, an eye-for-detail, marketing, and a thorough understanding of the widely preferred electronic media software and tools. For individuals planning to pursue a career in the prospective art of graphic design, it is important to get well versed with a variety of media, including animation, audio, video, images, illustrations, and film media.

What’s in a Name? Maybe More Than You Would Imagine!

Have a “foreign”-sounding name? An “unusual” first name? One that others might find “offensive”? Your chances for landing a job, or keeping one, just might be negatively affected in today’s job market. Sad, but nonetheless true.

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