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How to Use a LinkedIn Job Search

Even before Facebook became as popular as it now is, LinkedIn was considered to be one of the first online networking websites for career professionals. This has always been a good service for keeping track of the people you have gone to school with or worked with, but it can also be used as a great way to help you to find a job.

How To Write An Outstanding Cover Letter For IT

Are you looking for a new job in the IT industry? You might have a great resume and a lot of experience, but if your cover letter isn’t any good then the resume won’t even get read. Read on to find out how to write a cover letter for IT.

Career Change and Your Personal Core Values

Making a career change without much thought is a risk. Not knowing yourself very well before making a career change is a much greater risk. People who plunge into a career change without really assessing their personal core values can turn an anticipated successful new career to a big failure.

How to Fill Out a Self-Evaluation For a Performance Review

The statistical areas of the form that you will be given are pretty simple to find and accurately fill out. Should you have recently made some sort of change; a move, received a new telephone number, began using a new part of your name and so on, it is important that you make sure that you change the form. It is also very important that you show the certification of the changes that you have made.

Which Job Search Websites Should You Trust?

With unemployment as high as it is right now, it goes without saying that simply applying for a job that you see listed online probably won’t get you very far. Although you might be the perfect person for the job and highly qualified, unfortunately the employer will probably have to work their way through hundreds of resumes or job applications before they ever get to you.

Can a LinkedIn Job Search Help You?

Studies show that most people have “Googled” their own name from time to time. There is nothing vain about it. It is actually a very good idea to see what other people see when they search for you.

A ‘Very’ Good Career

A well known U.K. online department store has been running a competition to find their next plus sized model. This is being launched as part of a sales drive, but the point is that they are seeking ladies with bra cup size between D-K. It is called the Star In A Bra, Curvy Kate competition.

How To Unclutter Your Office

Clutter and mess are the two best ingredients for an unproductive workspace. Working in disorganized offices can waste valuable resources such as money and time, and generally creates an unpleasant atmosphere to be creative or productive in. Try implementing all or a few of these easy ideas to unclutter your workspace and make your working environment more comfortable and efficient.

Polishing Your Work Image

If you wanted to do a little introspection in an attempt to see yourself through the eyes of your boss or peers, what kind of questions would you ask? Here are a few that will get you started in the right direction.

Marketing You: Don’t Be Like the Railroads

What is the most effective method of marketing your professional services? The answer may lie in reexamining what you are really offering by learning from history.

Can a LinkedIn Job Search Work For You?

Most of us have a fairly large social network, whether it is on Facebook or Twitter, or on one of the other social media websites. However, when it comes to looking for a job or furthering your career in some way, you will want to make sure that your social life is separated from your career life and that is why a LinkedIn job search is so much more beneficial.

The Importance of a CV

Your CV is your chance to show an employer you’ve got the skills and experience they need, and that you’re the right person for the job. CV (curriculum vitae) derives directly from the Latin and means ‘the course of one’s life’. It’s your story. At its simplest, it’s a list of facts about you and your work, your skills and experience.

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