How Much Does Vagabond Awake Make on YouTube

Being Ready at All Times

Jobs aren’t easy to get but through proper planning and being ready at all times would indeed help you a lot in terms of applying for one. Hence, always take note certain details and make up your mind before heading on to make an application.

How Often Should You Record a New Voice-Over Demo?

3 tips on knowing when it’s time to record a new voice-over showreel: 1. If you are inexperienced: If you’re on your first or second demo still, a rule of thumb is to wait until you’ve done a few gigs, say 4 – 10. That extra experience will help, because with voice-overs, there is a very steep learning curve in the beginning.

Career Satisfaction – How to Get Ahead Fast in Your Career

Career satisfaction is very important, especially if you want to be happy. Unfortunately, most people hate their jobs and feel trapped. One of the biggest problems is that they feel that they’ll never be able to move up in their workplaces and that makes their lives boring and dull.

What Does the Average Personal Trainer Earn?

Lawyers, doctors, airline pilots – tell someone you’re one of these and they’ll immediately think of how well those jobs pay. Tell them you’re a personal trainer, though, and they’ll wonder if you couldn’t be making more money as a fry cook at a burger joint.

Fitness Trainer Jobs Are Going to Boom

America is one fat nation, and this is great news for those looking into a career in personal training. Personal fitness has evolved into a status symbol, and experts who can provide these services are well paid and highly prized.

Learn to Network For Career Success

As simple as you can think of, networking is the effort of building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. To begin learning how to network, you need to know that there are three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happen. What type of person are you?

Ensure Job Security With These Quick Tips

Problem: You are worried that you might fall victim to the latest round of layoffs or that you will be overlooked for a promotion. Scenario: Lately, you have no motivation, and you’ve lost enthusiasm for your job. You are in a rut, and you realize that you aren’t giving your work 100%.

Keeping Your Career From Going on Hold

The challenges of today’s job market and the weakened economy have caused some to “hunker down” and await better days. The problem with that cautionary attitude is it is risk aversive. The most successful career moves are often crafted by those who take advantage of these times while others “hibernate.” Learn how these professionals avoid the cave!

Best Practices of Job Offer Negotiation

Gaining the employment offer and the terms you want is not up to fate. Employers often react favorably to the candidate with strong negotiation skills. You can create the offer you want by applying proven practices and secrets of executive talent acquisition experts.

Make Your New Boss Respect You – How to Handle a New Job and a New Boss

In these times, job changes are more prevalent than ever. It can be hard to change your career, and even harder to impress a new boss when you aren’t sure what they’re looking for. Check out these tips for how to make the job change easier for yourself and your new boss.

What to Expect From a Pre-Employment Assessment Test

There are several different kinds of pre-employment assessment tests available for most any position you are looking to fill. Consider utilizing one of these to save you time and money as well as be provided with honest answers to important questions about any given individual.

Top Signs That You Should Consider a Job Change (Apart From Monetary Consideration)

Apart from monetary considerations, there are many other prominent signs that suggest a job or a career shift. Do not take these signs lightly. Here are the signs you should look out for.

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