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Career Advice – We’ve Got A Failure To Communicate

Everyone agrees–at least pays lip service to the idea that effective internal communications are necessary to have a smooth-running organization. Organizations spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on employee attitude surveys, newsletters, brochures, videos, audio cassettes, face-to-face meetings, and other tools of internal communications. Big bucks are invested in training managers to be better communicators. Yet communications between management and the rank and file of employees gets bad marks. There are five major reasons for a breakdown in internal communications.

Teens – Career Counseling for Teens

If you are a high school student even considering your first job, you will need some serious career counseling. Career counseling for teens is a necessary step in helping you succeed now and in the future when you undertake any new job. Finding a new job isn’t what you think it is. There is so much more.

Three Steps to Your Career Plan

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This saying is especially true when it comes to career and professional development.

Pinoy Employees Need Career Paths

Now more than ever, today’s Pinoy employee must look into the future. Some may have seen their parents who lost their job because rapid advancement in technology made their work obsolete, they must be better prepared so as not to be caught in the same situation.

Your Professional Growth and Type of Blocks in Career Path – Which Block Are You?

Though I belong to northern part of India but in my professional life, for maximum number of years I have worked in southern and western parts of the country. It is only now, since 2005 that I shifted my base to northern India. Sometimes, people ask me the difference that I noticed in terms of work-culture, workplace environment and practices in northern and other parts of the country, during my professional journey. Usually my reply to those queries is – People in western and southern parts of India compete for success and growth. They have constructive and positive approach. They value their and other’s time. Where as, in northern parts of India, people love to grow at the cost of others… by harming others. They have political mindset. They have destructive mindsets.

A Career Planning Checklist for Your Job Search

If you have spent any time looking for a job, you may be thinking, “There must be a better way.” In fact, there are many “better ways,” and it is up to you to find your way. Most successful job seekers do follow some common practices to progress in their careers. Use this checklist to measure your progress.

Physician, Use Your Archetype to Understand and Guide Your Professional Career Path

My physicians and professionals will at some point experience a significant turn. Dare to look at your professional path as a soul journey, with a destiny that’s driven more by your underlying archetype than your logical brain. Carl Jung tapped into a inside view of personality that 3000 years of mystical science had previously articulated. What does your archetype predict about you?

Make Money From My Hobby – Discover What it Takes to Make Money From My Hobby!

Do you have a hobby you are great at that you can and want to make money from? Everyone dreams of turning their passions into an actual money making venture and fill a need in the marketplace. Learn how here…

How To Choose A Career Coach

You have probably read the books but somehow you are no further forward in search for a career that makes you happy. Perhaps it is now time to find a specialist career coach to help you. Research shows that people who are most satisfied and motivated in their careers are people who have a career that reflects their values, interests, skills, and abilities, plus what they want out of life, their ideal working environment. If you are not happy in your work, a career coach may be able to help you, to uncover the right career for you. Read on to learn more.

Career Coaching – Importance Of Work Values

It is crucial to know your work values if you want to find your ideal job. Your work values are those things in your work life that you consider to be important. When you design your career based on your values, your motivation will be greatly increased and your chances of success and fulfilment improve hugely. Otherwise you’re faced with spending 1/3 of your life doing something that doesn’t fulfill you. Are you aware of your work values?

Career Coaching Finds Your Motivation When You Can’t

Have you ever thought about getting a little help with your career? Enter the concept of career coaching. Find a new perspective with the help of a career coach.

Career Advice – Success Is Only Four Steps Away

The formula for career success is really quite simple. In fact, success in the world of work requires only that we complete four basic steps. Anyone can do it, given a reasonable amount of energy and common sense.

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