How Much Does Veronica Wang Make on YouTube

Maximize Your Earnings With a Salary Checker

Until recently, comparing salaries was near impossible. The Internet has brought transparency to one of the best kept secrets of the workplace. You can now use an online salary checker to reveal how much others are paid in your city, state and industry.

A Guide to a Successful Salary Negotiation

Whether you are are seeking for a new job offer or asking for a raise, salary negotiation is definitely a task that not many are a fond of doing. However, if you want to get the salary that you know you deserve, you have to do it so you might as well know how to do it successfully. With this guide, you will be able to learn exactly what you have to do to get that pay you have been working hard for.

Online Networking Tips For Your Young Career Seeker

Searching for a job can be an intimidating process! It can be especially so for that young adult straddling the in-between place of college and the ‘real-world.’ And if your young adult is particularly shy or reserved, that can pile on the stress to an already daunting process.

3 Helpful Ways to Become Successful in Your Career

Becoming successful in your career takes so much effort. Although God is the ultimate author of each and everyone’s life, it is still best to do some endeavors to make it happen. Here are three helpful ways to achieve it.

Facts About Professionalism

Professionalism is a word used very widely of lately. What exactly is professionalism? It is a group of fairly defined ideas and sort of rules regarding the way an employee should conduct his behavior in the office- how he should interact with his seniors, clients and co-workers.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Networking – Part 2

In my last article on networking, I gave eight cardinal no-no’s of networking. Here are a few more things that you should and shouldn’t do in your business and job-search networking.

A Career in the Burn Unit (ICU)

We are living in the world where accidents occur anytime and anywhere. Each day we come across with number of major, minor as well as minuet accidents, accidents that we don’t even give an eye to or bother about.

Career Advice Questions You Should Ask!

Many people who are beginning the career exploration process thing, casually searching the Web, reading and responding to classified ads, taking various types of tests, or seeing a career consultant for some sort will help them see the route to take in their planning. The truth is that any or all of these actions can be helpful if you are willing to invest time and energy in the process, at least as much time and energy as you would invest if you were deciding where to live or buying a car.

Students Must Prove That They Should Be Hired

As students go through college, they should be aware of one important fact. Employers expect college students to “prove” that they should be hired. Wise students keep this fact in mind and make certain that they can provide the proof that employers seek. Employers are interested in five things:

Building a Career in Sports Massage

What qualifications will I need? A large percentage of sports masseurs will be self employed. For this reason there are no set qualifications that come as an absolute prerequisite to work in this industry. The main reasons to obtain qualifications are commercial, as it is important to at least be able to offer the same qualification as competitors, and ideally even be able to differentiate. One reason that qualifications are important in this sector is for the purpose of liability insurance; companies will be less likely to insure somebody who has no training or experience.

Discover Your Real Skills Using the Career Assessment Test

Career assessment examinations are being used by several schools to help their students decide for their future career. It will give them the basic idea on what field or career is best for them. It will prevent them from too many frustrations because they are given the chance to show or express the area of field where they can excel.

3 Tips on Increasing Customer Loyalty

Some days, the business world feels like a “dog-eat-dog” world. Many of us learn the hard way, through hurtful experiences, how people can’t be trusted. On those occasions, loyalty appears to be a rare commodity. Napoleon Hill says, “A lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure.”

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