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Gain Support From Your Executives For Training & Seminars

Selling your executive on supporting your professional development is a skill. It’s also known as the art of persuasion. While teaching, coaching, and consulting with thousands of assistants nationwide, I have found that they don’t see they have to work at gaining support for training and development. They view it as a yes or no situation. “Yes, I’ll get to go” or “My manager will say no.” Instead, an assistant needs to view this as, “This is a great program. This will help me become a better assistant and a more valuable employee. How will I sell this to my executive?” You now have your subconscious working to develop ideas on how to get a “yes” from your executive.

How to Use Words Effectively For Real Business Success

As you know, the way you use words in your thoughts and what you say out loud can have a huge impact on how successful you are. This is because everyone has associations with the words that they use. So for example, one person will feel fine using the word ‘rich’ while another would find it offensive. But how can you use your words to create more business success?

How to Get Off the Starting Blocks in Financial Planning Services

Now that you’ve passed all your licensing exams and eager to launch your financial planning career, you realized that there are tons of things that need to be learned and to be done. Many people get stuck in the complexity, have misplaced priorities, eventually tire out and fall off.

Career Captivity

Although they do not realize it many people are held captive by their career. Even when their job is in jeopardy and it becomes clear that the company they work for is in trouble, the typical approach is to look for a similar job with a similar firm.

Michelle Obama – A Dissatisfied Associate?

There’s an interesting story in Chicago Sun-Times, excerpting a new book that describes Michelle Obama’s dissatisfaction with the work she was doing as a second-year associate at Sidley Austin. A sample: Too monotonous for Michelle, who, White [the partner in charge of the firm’s advertising group, of which Obama was a member] says, complained that the work he gave her was unsatisfactory.

Layoffs Lead to Luxury

How are the layoffs going to lead to luxury lifestyles for some people? Because they will use it as an opportunity to change what they are doing and chart a new course in freelance work.

Making Money From Passion

Passion makes the world go around! – or was that love? Whichever way you choose to look, Passion generates a “feel good” quality desirable to us all. It is not limited by our fleshly desire toward the opposite sex. Surprisingly enough you don’t just feel it, you can also do it! Take it with you wherever you go.

7 Tips on How to Find the Right Job

You enjoy work for its own sake, happy with rewards its brings, job allows you to have a life-work-balance, leave time for family, friends,self-care, spiritual needs. Will optimize talent, fit abilities, job will require honesty, no harm done to anybody or anything, job requirements will fit into your own belief, brings contentment, sense of achievement, require your own belief, working environment will be pleasant so you are happy to spend time there.

Toxic Boss

The job interview is the real-time event where both the candidate for the job and the interviewer have the opportunity to collect relevant information about one another to help determine if there should be a next step of the job interview process. Usually the Human Resources Representative conducts the preliminary interview to determine who should be advanced to the next interview stage, which is often with the manager of the department, that is, the future boss of the candidate.

Career Check-Up

The end-of-year is not the only time to reflect on how well your career is advancing, whether you should continue in it for the next year, or do something else. You can perform a career check-up at any time during the year, and you can perform multiple check-ups within the year. Similar to an annual physical, an eye or dental check-up, and even your vehicle’s annual maintenance, your career needs a close inspection to determine if you are on the right track, if you need to make some minor tweaks, or perhaps to decide that you need a major overhaul that could include re-careering. Like the other check-ups mentioned above, you can ask yourself some straightforward questions to figure out what your next step may be. It may mean that you can make the adjustments yourself, or it might mean you need a professional career expert to help you along the way.

Managing Stress For Career Success

Stress is the common leveler of all of us…it affects everyone. However, stress is neither positive nor negative; stress is simply the pressure/demands made on all of us. What makes stress useful or harmful to each of us is the way we perceive/interpret the stress and how we react to it; that’s what makes it positive or negative.

Choosing a Career in Dog Training

What launched my professional career dog training was my simple desire to understand how to manage my very energetic chocolate lab. I loved my dog, but sometimes in public, she embarrassed me with her excessive barking and whining. In addition, I simply didn’t know how to keep her from pouncing with joy on anyone who came through my door.

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