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Models, Modeling Agencies, and Measurements

In the modeling industry, it is vital that all models take the time to determine their correct measurements. This simple, but utterly essential, information must be obtained BEFORE a model begins submitting herself to modeling agencies or trying to find representation. There is a proper method to finding your measurements; step-by-step instructions for doing so are provided at the end of this article.

6 Things To Like In An Ultrasound Technician Career

One of the fastest growing fields in the medical industry, more ultrasound technicians are finding it appealing to work as technicians either in hospitals or in medical diagnostic centers. If before sonographers were looked down upon, these days, even the medical industry acknowledges the importance of technicians in diagnosing one’s illness or disease. What then are the things that ultrasound technicians like about their job?

Acquiring Critical Leadership Criteria

Senior management understands the value of investing in future leadership, but also realizes that to find extraordinary leaders it is important to look for outstanding qualities that are multidimensional, strategically developed, and tempered by experience. Here are a few questions to ask yourself regarding your leadership development objectives: Do I have a panoramic vision of the organization? Leading from the top doesn’t always work in today’s diverse and complex companies, so develop a more panoramic and cross-departmental vision and understanding to ensure sustainable success.

3 Ways To Increase Your Earning Potential As Ultrasound Technician

Completing your ultrasound technician education is your first step towards a financially rewarding career. In fact, it is now such a popular job that more people are aspiring to become one as it was proven that it is one of the medical careers that is not affected by recession. In addition, with more advancement in technology, projection for growth in this field is high.

Changing Careers

There seems to exist some sort of a disconnect in employment numbers. Unemployment remains fairly high yet some companies cannot seem to find the employees they are looking for. This is because there is not currently a very high demand for some professionals, such as real-estate agents and administrative assistants, yet there are a lot of individuals with these skill sets, but there is a high demand for computer engineers and social media strategists, yet there are very few individuals with these skill sets. In other words there is a skills mismatch between supply and demand.

Effective Ways To Earn Top Ultrasound Technician Salary

Raking in roughly about $55,000 per annum, ultrasound technicians (sonographers or radiology technologists as they are referred to at times) are one of the highest paid employees in the health industry. But according to studies conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some 10% of the total number of ultrasound technician practitioners earns as much as $70,000. In some cases, they even earn up to more than $90,000.

How to Answer in an Interview: What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

“What are your Greatest Strengths?” This has got to be one of the most common of the Interview Questions and that is why, in this article, we analyse this question in detail so you aren’t stumped when it comes to answering it in an interview. Again, before we dive in and begin to look at it, we just want to remind you that whenever answering a question in an interview, especially one like this, it is important to always relate it to your career and to never answer questions from a personal point of view, referring to your private…

The Enduring Leadership Legacy of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was one of those rare souls who will likely be as influential in death as he was in life, because he was a living legend who also left behind an enduring legacy. As Jobs’ successor at Apple, Tim Cook, explained “Steve built a company and culture that is unlike any other in the world and we are going to stay true to that – it is in our DNA.”

6 Personal Traits You Must Posses If You Want To Be A Massage Therapist

Formal massage therapy training is a must in order to become a qualified massage therapist. Find out what it takes to succeed in this career.

4 Tips On How To Ensure You Receive High Compensation As Ultrasound Technician

How does having a high-paying job sound like to you? With the global economic meltdown that was clearly felt across the nation, getting into and maintaining a job that supports your lifestyle is exactly what you need. Now, if you are interested in a career that not only answers your financial needs but also provides personal satisfaction through service, then you might want to consider a career as an ultrasound technician.

Elearning Solutions For Personalized Training

Learning is an integral part of any project, field or business sphere and turns out to be highly effective when the process is customized as per the need of learners. Innovating trend of grasping things in a better manner, e-learning has come into picture.

Dealing With the THREE Most Common Interview Questions

Knowing how to answer interview questions is a must for job seekers. In this article, we look at some of the Most Common Interview Questions and answering them.

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