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7 Vital Things All New Team Leaders Must Know

Starting out in leadership can be daunting. Suddenly you are not only responsible for your own results, but the results of an entire team. Their behaviour, performance, attitude and productivity reflect on you. As a leader, you need to be a catalyst; a person who can spark or ignite action in others. One of the best things you can do as a new leader is to reflect upon your own time as a team member and the leaders you have reported to over this time. Most of us have, over a period of time experienced both good and bad leadership. Learn from others, their triumphs as well as their mistakes. How did your manager make you feel? Did they inspire you? Or were they ultimately the reason you resigned from a position? Start out by brainstorming your own experiences and write down some key points you have learned from others. Use this knowledge and first-hand experience when reading my 7 tips. You may even be able to relate to these key points and think how you felt as a team member if your leader did or did not implement some of these leadership techniques.

A Simple Method for Remembering Peoples’ Names

Remembering peoples’ names is a key part of many jobs. Here are some simple techniques you can implement to greatly increase the likelihood you remember someone’s name.

What Does It Mean to Have a Back Up Plan?

Having a back up plan in your business growth is crucial in case things do not work out with your new plan. Too often people will quit their stable job in order to build a new business and will fail due to the lack of funding that would come in with a back up plan, otherwise known as a Job. Find out more about why you need a back up plan here.

9 Ways to Improve Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile For the New Year

Looking for a job? Improve your success by following these tips on 9 ways to improve your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Learn to Sustain Balance Between Work and Life

The kind of life we all live hardly allow us to maintain a balance between our professional and personal space. This calls for a better understanding of our goals in life and a better way to achieve them without hampering our personal lives.

How Can a Gunman Help You Figure Out If You’re in the Right Job?

It can be hard to know if we’re in the right job or not. How can we know for sure? Enter the Gunman exercise. It’s fun. And a little bit scary…

Help, I’m Swamped! 12 Steps to Unswamp Yourself at Work

A recent study showed that 55% of people are stressed to the point of burnout. Work is no fun when you feel completely swamped. But getting out from under the pile can be difficult. Break it down with these 12 practical steps, and start feeling some room to move at work.

Common Traits Of Wealthy People

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what to adjust in your life to become successful? You’re about to learn the 3 top traits of wealthy people, so you can start getting results like they do.

Are You Evolving or Revolving in Business?

Success in business depends on our willingness and ability to change with the times. Most people are reluctant to change; to do things differently. I believe the greatest skill you and I need for the future is our ability to be flexible and to have a mentality that business is about changing, before we need to change. I went to a seminar recently and the speaker said “you are either green and growing in business or ripe and rotting”. In other words, we just can’t stand still.

What Gets In The Way Of Making Things Happen?

Ever wondered what gets in the way of making things happen? Just when you’re onto something big… The discussion goes round in circles. No one can understand what is blatantly clear to you. People lose the plot or get stuck and then… Your brilliant idea gets blasted. How did we lose sight of the possibilities? What got in the way? It’s all about where we focus attention.

Empowerment at Work – You Always Have 3 Choices

Empowerment is the ability to make choices. Even when we feel we’re backed into a corner with no options, there are always 3 choices in front of us. Making the decision to choose one of these 3 puts us back in the driving seat – at work, and anywhere else.

Sonographer Vs. Registered Nurse

Both the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and the Registered Nurse (RN) work directly with patients and must use medical equipment on a regular basis. However, the two professions are quite different in many ways. The sonographer produces ultrasonic images of internal organs, systems and tissues, and the job duties are primarily concerned with patient comfort and ensuring the production of quality images.

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