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How to Become a Spy

You’ve probably seen the James Bond movies and imagined how glamorous and adventurous a spy’s life must be. Adventurous, yes. Glamorous, probably. Dangerous? Very much so. The truth of the matter is, most spies look like ordinary people who can blend in easily with any given group of people.

How Do I Become a Part-Time College Professor?

Many people want to know, how do I become a part-time college professor? There are several steps to take to achieve success in this worthy endeavor. Specific written goals must be established as the first step. Then, you should take the necessary time and effort to produce a cover letter and a resume of the highest quality.

Interview MBA Questions

Learning to address common MBA interview questions is an essential component of a successful MBA interview. Learn successful strategies in this informative article.

Working in a Restaurant Without Disaster

As someone who has worked in restaurants myself for many years, I can tell you how important it is to be careful in a restaurant while you are working. The many hidden dangers that are all around is enough to frighten even the toughest person and could find you extremely upset if you are caught off guard by the potential problems. Making sure that you are fully prepared will put you in the best position possible to keep yourself going in the right direction, without problems and without getting hurt.

The Stress of Losing a Job

If you’ve recently lost a job, or know someone who has, you know it’s a very stressful event. Some people have extreme difficulty dealing with the stress and sometimes let themselves slip into a dangerous, and sometimes self destructive state of mind. Don’t let this happen to you.

Recommendation For MBA – Strategies For Success

The Recommendation for MBA school is a crucial component of a successful application. Learn how to get the best possible letter in this informative article.

Letter of Recommendation MBA

The letter of recommendation – MBA is a critical component of a successful business school application. Learn successful strategies in this informative article.

How to Apply For Jobs – In Person and Online Job Submission

In today’s world applying for a job is relatively easy as compared to my time when you have to scan through the newspaper classifieds. Get your resume typed and make photo copies of it. Then note down addresses of each job advertisement and apply individually be sending a snail mail. Last thing was to sit down and hope some day a interview letter will reach your door step.

Nursing Careers – Alternatives For Registered Nurses

If you are getting bored with your nursing job, you may be considering alternative careers which are more exciting or you just simply want to expand your horizon. Bear in mind that you are not stuck in a hospital. You can have other career options related to your field without a 180 degree career shift and wasting your diploma and education. If you are fond of traveling, you can apply for a flight nurse.

Is Certification Required For Court Reporters in the USA?

Pursuing a career as a court reporter can be both rewarding and lucrative, as the position of court reporter is typically a well-paid one. This career does require some specific training. Some states require licensure for court reporters to practice in their court systems.

5 Reasons to Make a Career Change

It is expected that the average person will change careers several times in their lifetime. There are many reasons for this, and none of them can ever be considered as 100% right or wrong. If you are considering changing your career now or in the future, here are some of the factors to be aware of.

Your HSC and the Career Ahead

Looking at the present scenario, factors like job security and economic security are no longer what they were used to be. In fact it has become important to be capable enough to distinguish yourself from others and turn yourself as a well versed professional to beat the competition in every possible manner. However, it is not possible for you to be an expert at everything.

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