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Exploring a Career As a General Office Assistant

In order to pursue a successful career in the field of office administration, you can attend a vocational college and pursue a 1-year certificate program to learn administrative assistant skills. The program covers essential administration skills such as advanced word processing, desktop publishing and many more.

Are You 15 Years Old and Ready to Get a Job?

Searching for your first part-time job can be a little intimidating. Well I must say, searching for a job is challenging for all most everyone which also includes myself. However it certainly makes it difficult when you haven’t had any experience in a place of work. Here are some tips to get you started.

Honestly, I Thought It Was You!

Beware of the people you are not sure of. Not because they seem too good to be true, but because there’s probably a lot more going on there than meets the eye. Make sure you’re actually following the right person.

Seven Key Leadership Traits for a Successful Dental Practice

Over the past two decades, a common theme that has emerged due to surviving practices becoming thriving practices. Relationship between success and leadership is direct and this has been proven. Dental practices are better produced by better leaders.

The Role of an Interim Manager Explained

With the recruitment of senior level staff requiring the investment of a great deal of time and money, increasing numbers of businesses are turning to interim managers to fill the skills gap. Employed over the short term, these managers help deliver long term results for your business. Discover the true role of a provisional manager, and see how they can help to boost your business:

How to Niche Yourself Solid and Choose One That’s Right for You

This alone is one of the greatest stumbling blocks for those who are new to business, especially all those who are entering a crowded field with other established coaches, consultants, healers and service professionals. Of course there are some who know exactly who they want to work with, what their specialization is and how to market to their prospects–but often times the new business owner is still discovering this very important aspect of having a profitable and thriving business. Why is it so important to establish a niche?

Surgical Tech Salary And Job Description

Surgical technologists aid surgeons in the operating room in a number of ways. They prepare the patients for surgery, as well as any surgical equipment needed. A surgical tech salary varies with the position’s responsibilities.

Definition of Coaching and How Is It Related to the Traits a Master Career Coach Must Have?

The definition of coaching is directly associated with the outcome your clients receive and your progress as a coach. It is who you are and what you have done to help others.

Get The Balance Back Into Your Career

Are you out of balance in your career? You know you are when your career is all you think about. You worry constantly about where your career is headed. You believe that you can’t be happy until your career problems are solved. And, it might be starting to affect your health.

Do I Need a Career Coach?

We all have an internal compass that tells us when we are on or off track, and we have to learn to listen to it. We often get so busy that we ignore our internal voice, and years later we end up with a life or job that isn’t a good fit. So tune in with your internal compass, your passion or your sense of purpose in order to get back on track with creating the life you want.

Start A Business By Doing What You Enjoy

So many people can’t seem to figure out what they want to do to start a business. They have a ton of interests and hobbies, but many of them don’t want to turn those into a business. Well, no matter what field you’re in, you should enjoy what you’re doing; that’s first and foremost. When you love what you’re doing, it’s not like work, it’s more like play. It’s a lot less stressful and it’s a lot more interesting and when you enjoy it, you’re self-motivated.

How To Become An X-Ray Technician – Your New Career Begins Today

Do you want to learn how to become an x-ray technician? If you do, you’re about to embark on a very exciting and rewarding career in the medical field. Discover everything you need to know to become a successful radiologist.

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