How Much Does Walk The World Make on YouTube

Is Your Professional Portfolio Up to Scratch?

Many candidates fail to see the significance of having a Professional Portfolio prepared and ready for presentation to an interviewer. While not all companies might request a copy of your Professional Portfolio, there is nothing that screams out ‘I’m prepared and professional’ like having your portfolio ready and available to present in an opportunity should the need arise.

Anesthesiologist Career Information

An anesthesiologist nurse career is the most rewarding and excellent career option. They work along with the other professionals in the healthcare industry such as the surgeons, anesthesiologists and dentists. They work in private and public health sectors, hospitals, and clinics. It requires extensive training, education and certifications to practice as an anesthesiologist nurse.

X-Ray Technician Salary

X-Ray technician salary increases are expected over the coming decade. The medical sector has been booming for years and no slowdown seems to be in sight. With technology increases, specialization opportunities, and a population that continues to grow, those finding careers in the health care arena are learning that job security combined with great pay can make for a very comfortable lifestyle.

How to Choose the Right Fork Lift Truck Training Course

If you are considering training to learn how to operate a fork lift truck there are various important elements to the training for you to consider. Firstly when choosing a training provider ensure that the course meets the standards laid down in the codes and directives issued by the Health & Safety Executive (ACOP L117).

Medical Billing and Coding Salary

Medical billing and coding salary numbers are based specifically on the importance of the position. For as long as people receive medical treatment, ensuring that a doctor receives payment will always be paramount.

The Value of Internship Experience

As cliche as it sounds – one should never underestimate the importance of an internship. Not only can it be a resume builder, but it can also be an enjoyable experience and a way to enhance your social skills in a professional environment. There is obviously extensive pressure to maintain a degree of professionalism when working an internship.

Lab Technician Salary

Lab technician salary projections are on the rise yet again. As jobs in medicine continue to show record growth, the field as a whole is hiring more college graduates than any two fields combined. Anytime a bachelor’s degree can garner $35,000-70,000 a year in salary right out of the gate, of course enrollment numbers in related programs will explode.

Veterinary Technician Salary

Veterinary technician salary numbers often don’t impact a person’s decision to enter the field. A love for animals and a willingness to ensure their well-being is a common personality trait amongst those choosing to enter the vet tech discipline of veterinary medicine.

10 Simple Tips on Becoming a Better Waiter

The hospitality industry can be fun and stressful at times. For many waiters, it is most important to have in mind that you aren’t wasting your precious time…

Respiratory Therapist Salary

Respiratory therapist salary expectations continue to grow as the healthcare industry remains in a state of employment boom. When compared to other medical specialist positions, education requirements of a respiratory therapist can be a bit more demanding.

A Simple Method For Finding Your Passion

This month I discovered a new way for my career coaching clients to find their passion. Although the circumstances are not what I would wish for anyone, everyone has tough times at some time in their lives so this might be a way for you to find your passion too.

Medical Assistant Salary

Medical assistant salary reports are granting a reprieve to those looking to get a technical degree and immediately start working. The medical sector is experiencing unprecedented growth and boom, and given the economic downturn that many are experiencing, collegiate enrollment levels are through the roof for just about every occupation in the field.

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