How Much Does WatchJRGO Make on YouTube

Alphabet Soup: Letters After Names

When you are handed a business card of a professional with letters after their name, what thought comes to mind? That of the infamous billionaire Thurston Howell III, the famous character from TV sitcom Gilligan’s Island, who was tactless, blameful, pretentious, and lazy? Or, the customer-serving, career-mind, educated professional who wants to do the job right the first time to earn your praise and your smile?

Reasons Why You Should Become a Real Estate Agent

A career in the real estate industry can be very rewarding; however, you need to persevere and work hard to attain success. If you are highly motivated and driven, then becoming a real estate agent might be a perfect career for you.

Professionalism: Six Rules for Career Success in the New Workplace

Professionalism is associated with the attitude, behavior, and perception of an employee in the workplace. Everything you do regarding your job requires professionalism. Professionalism skills reduce the learning curve for employees to perform work in a timely and effective manner. These skills prepare employees to manage work situations that are vital to career success and increase their income and marketability. You win – your employer wins.

Top 5 Tips to Quickly Make an Impact in a New Job

Find out how to approach a new role – whether it is at your current employer or at a new company. Learn how to make a good impression, demonstrate your capabilities quickly and integrate yourself within your team and colleagues in your new environment.

So You Just Got Laid Off, What Next?

A sudden job loss can be very unsettling, and it makes a person look inside in order to get perspective on their situation. I like to think losing a job is some sort of a blessing; and it can be a blessing for you. Yes, you will worry about how you will pay the bills, if you will get another job, and when the new job will come.

Interview Preparation That Will Help You Land Your Ideal Job

No matter where you are in your career, if you are making a move, you are going to be interviewing. With the competitive job market, how are you going to stand out? This article aims to help you prepare for that professional job interview, no matter what career level you are in.

Essential Soft Skills Graduates Need Today

Graduating? Graduated? The world of work you are entering is unprecedented, uncertain and scary. These skills are going to help you succeed, thrive and create the kind of life you want and need.

15 Creative Methods to Motivate Your Employees

How do you motivate your employees when you can’t afford to give them a raise? Well, perhaps you could use a different type of currency. Opposing the popular belief, money isn’t always the best motivator since it sends a message that nothing is worth doing unless you get an extra pay.

The Importance of Effective Communication in Daily Life

Effective communication doesn’t just affect our work relations, it affects our personal relationships as well. Mastering the ability to efficiently communicate ideas, and emotions is a vital tool that can assist in an individual’s growth.

Handy Tips On How To Deal With Difficult Workers

Having good employees is a dream shared by most employers around the world. As heads of the business, employers want to enlist workers that will bring in profit to the company and not headaches.

Dealing With Employees With These 6 Great Tips

As a business owner, it’s a duty and responsibility to deal with employees. If you encounter one with issues, what is the first thing that comes into mind? You definitely shouldn’t fire them right then and there. Instead, lead and empower them so they become better members of the company and an even better individual.

6 Effective Tips in Managing Your Employees

In today’s legal and business climate, it is very crucial to learn and understand how to deal with your employees effectively to create a harmonious working relationship. However, a lot of people are sometimes ill-prepared for the role of a manager whenever they take it on.

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