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Are You a Marble Or Sponge?

I knew of two employees – Mark and Sarah. They both did the same kind of work, had the same level of education and the same amount of experience. One day, an unexpected shift in the economy forced their employer to lay them off.

How to Become an Engineer

Engineering is a profession that covers a wide variety of disciplines. The tasks and studies of the various fields of engineering are vastly different, though each require problem solving through the use of mathematical and scientific principles. Such fields include civil, electrical, aerospace, computer, chemical, environmental and mechanical engineering. No matter what the specialty, becoming an engineer requires a time-consuming, intense course of study, beginning as far back as high school. Below are the steps involved to become an engineer.

Create Your Telecommuting Opportunity

Who has not dreamed of sitting under a palm tree on an exotic beach tapping away at your laptop while your co-worker battle another mid-west February snowstorm getting to the office? Maybe you dream is just to simply be able to get up, make a cup of coffee and walk your daily commute of 10 feet to your home office. While a palm tree / beach office may be unrealistic, and such jobs do exist, you do have a very good chance of living the 10 feet commute dream.

10 Ways For Bosses to Score Points

A boss can make or unmake a worker. What with his bossiness, etc. he could make his worker avoid him like a plague. Yes, to all respectable leaders in a company out there, kindly think ten times before you let your “inappropriateness” steals your chance of becoming a good leader.

Creating Job Security Starts With Embracing Life in Between

Adapting to life in between means sometimes you’ll need to do things that are outside your comfort zone to pay the bills. That may include freelancing, providing service work like landscaping or housekeeping, selling unused items online or via consignment, or starting a home business just to keep money coming in until the economy turns around. There may be several things that led you to where you are today – or maybe it was just one thing that was completely outside of your control. You may be changing careers or fields due to an accident or an injury, or because you need increased flexibility to manage other obligations. You have your reasons and you know what they are.

Hiring an Efficient Background Check Company

If only you can be perfectly sure that whatever background check company you pick will give you efficient service, then you really would not have any problem in this area. However, because we all know that some companies are less effective than others are, you should always keep your eyes peeled so that you will be able to find the one that can be of great service to you.

Your Career and the Natural Adult Stages of Life

Careers evolve over time, and understanding your own career evolution would go a long way to assess, your the way forward towards improving or even changing your career. The Evolution of your very own career could be how you actually handle the four adult stages of life, itself…

The Space Between Becoming and Being

Safeguard your dreams from those that would steal your energy. Give yourself time to grow into your new skin without running the risk of shortchanging your growth.

HR – Why Should We Hire You?

This is a very common question we face in interviews. Many times a candidate falls straight in giving a good answer. The article can help you to know how to answer the question appropriately.

Employee Drug Testing – An Issue Between Safety and Privacy

Drug testing in the workplace has always been a major issue and the center of many debates. On one hand, we have supporters who claim that it is necessary for the sake of the employers, the company and other employees.

Choosing a Truck Driving Job Part V – Comparing Large Trucking Companies to Small Ones

In part one of our series, Choosing A Truck Driving Job Part I: Factors That Effect All Companies, we talked about different factors and considerations which will affect your experience at any company you go to work for. In part two of our series, “Choosing A Truck Driving Job Part II: You and “Your People” Are The Most Important Factor”, we talked about surrounding yourself with the right people, understanding factors that affect the freight you’ll be getting, and things you can do to put yourself in the best position to succeed.

Choosing a Truck Driving Job Part VIII – Talking With the Right People

Now, in our final installment of this series, we’ll talk about finding out some good information about any company you are interested in working for. There are three main groups of people that you will be speaking with when you are considering working for a particular trucking company.

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