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30 Days to a New Life

A new job is always traumatic, whether just out of college, graduate school or a veteran of the working world. As traumatic as it may for the new employee, this is a period when opinions and judgements are made in the workplace. These judgments are made based on observations and the comments of others by co-workers, the immediate supervisor, the supervisor’s peers and those in senior management above the supervisor. What the new employee does – or does not do – during the first thirty days can have a huge impact on all aspects of the job well beyond that short period of time.

Career Path Decided at the Pump?

As gas prices continue to skyrocket, more and more people are beginning to look at their work at home options. Many people who have never considered the non-traditional workplace are taking it more seriously.

Engineers and Their Career Paths

Engineers don’t think of “career paths” in the same way managers do. If you ask an engineer about her career path she will look confused and give you a vague, ambiguous answer. But if you ask her, “What would you like to do at the end of this project?” she will probably have a definite, well-though-out plan of exactly what she needs to do next. This essay discusses how to help engineers manage their careers to keep them happy and productive.

Career Planner

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week – George S. Patton (1885 – 1945)

Executive Career Coaching: Providing Solutions To Succession Planning Challenges

Executive Career Coaching can be a valuable resource to succession planning initiatives and help you win the war on talent.

Career Advice – What’s Happened To Your New Year’s Resolutions?

By this time most people have fallen behind in accomplishing their resolutions for 2006. Many have abandoned them entirely. But it’s not too late to turn good resoluations into accomplishments.

Sack Your Career Counselor – Top Ten Tips For Creating A Blog That Will Change Your Career

When you listen to career changing adice always ask yourself “Where did this person get their experience from? The Library? Citizen’s Advice Bureau? Call Centre Script? Or are they a ‘High Achiever’ like Margaret who spent twenty years working with other ‘High Achievers’ helping them leverage their career changes. A great Career Coach however will help you understand what OTHER’S need and how you can use NEW MEDIA to SOLVE their problems.

Building Self-Confidence at Work – 5 Things You Can Do

Self-confidence is definitely a trait worth cultivating at work. Self-confidence helps you to project an aura of confidence that makes others trust in your abilities to complete a job successfully. However, many people are not fully secure about their abilities around their job.

Making Career Decisions – Part 1

One of the reasons that so many people are unhappy at work is lack of good career advice or being influenced by well-meaning family and teachers. If you are looking for a new career, here are some tips to help you find one which you will enjoy.

Career Planning – Winning the Performance Review Game

You’re completely baffled by your performance review – but your boss refuses to explain what you did wrong. What can you do?

Career Advice – Winning the Career Game Calls For Putting on a Game Face

When you enter a sports arena, you put on a uniform and wear your game face. But interviews, networking events and meetings are the games of careers — and they call for a game face too.

Career Advice – Career Growth Begins With Career Boundaries

When you begin a new venture — job, business, promotion, relocation — you may feel you’re living in a glass bubble. And you are. To survive and grow, decide what you’ll share and what should remain private.

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