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Career Change After 50 – Is Now the Time?

Making the decision to seek a career change after 50 normally does not flow from one event. Of course sometimes losing the job, or hitting the top of the salary scale with no promotion is sight or waking up one morning and concluding your career is not right for you can get you looking for another career. It doesn’t matter if you’re working or unemployed; you need to find an answer to the question “Is this what I want to do for the rest of my working life?” If the answer is a “NO,” even a whisper of a “no,” now even after age 50 may be the time to reassess your career choice and perhaps begin planning for a career change.

Why Do You Need a Resume if You Have a LinkedIn Page?

Is LinkedIn the new online resume these days? Not long ago, I was at Starbucks explaining to someone a certain type of key-person I needed for a project I was working on. It had to be someone with this, that, and the other thing, I explained.

Giving Yourself A Leg Up Through Career Development

One of the most important skills for professionals of any age and in any area of expertise is career development. Those who understand the fundamentals of advancing their career, whether through networking, professional skill development, or better communication, will see more success in their professional lives and out earn their colleagues who have not yet mastered these skills.

3 Things To Never Say During a Job Interview

Have you ever been in a situation where you are nervous and you end up saying stupid things? I suppose we’ve all been in that position and somehow we aren’t really in control in these nervous moments. Often when we are talking to a guy or a girl we really like we get so nervous that words just blurb out and after wards we can’t believe that we said that.

A Detailed Registered Nurse Job Description

If you are interested in becoming a registered nurse you must work to understand everything that will be expected of you as a professional. Different aspects of registered nursing bring about different job requirements, changing how you may view the overall expectations of a nurse. Keep reading to learn more about the duties you’ll be performing as a Registered Nurse.

Registered Nurse Pay: Is the Job Worth the Salary?

Those who are looking into their future career should pay close attention to the wages earned in the field, and the work that must be done to earn that money. Learn more about the income potential of Registered Nurses and the duties you’ll be performing to earn it.

Career Change Tips – The Informational Interview!

As you contemplate a possible career change you’ll find the informational interview to be invaluable. Properly done it should open up avenues of required study, how to gain appropriate experience, the pluses and minuses of the possible career, where the jobs are, and future prospects for the career.

Female Entrepreneurs Achieve

Step in to your power as a professional. Step in to your power as a female entrepreneur. As women, we have been taught for generations to be caring and giving; every person needs to care about others and give of their time, talents and energy. I support that attitude. Unfortunately, in the process of being a wife and mother, we are all too frequently on the bottom of our priority list. Even worse, we may not even be on the list at all.

Graphic Designer Job Outlook

Many people are interested in a graphic designer job outlook for the future. As such, industry leaders feel that the statistics are positive for individuals who are interested in breaking into this field, as many are looking for entertainment involving graphics, especially on the Internet. The search for new entertainment methods is very important for people involved in this industry.

A Guide To Cosmetology Training

One huge benefit of getting into the career of hair or makeup design is the fact that there are so many different programs where you can do your cosmetology training. In order to be a licensed cosmetologist, you are required to take a course and pass the final exam. Most courses work by requiring a specific number of training hours to pass.

MBA Application Documents – What You Need to Provide

The decision to pursue postgraduate education like MBA degree would usually lead to a lot of other things to be done. Having started to prepare for the admission process you will find out that there are certain requirements to be followed. The requirements determined for the applicants can vary greatly from school to school but in general they have certain common features. First of all you have to meet the requirements concerning your previous education. Work experience can also be a crucial aspect of joining the program. MBA program requires college degree. Some business schools require work experience to be not less than two years.

Work at Home Medical Transcription – What You Will Need to Get This Job

Working at home is one of the growing trends these days especially those who are taking care of the family and still wants to earn money. One popular opportunity is work at home medical transcription job which can make you good money at the comforts of home.

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