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Hope Hiding in Habits

Do you have a few habits you wish you could change? Whether the list that comes to mind is personal or professional, most of us have dozens that fall into both categories. Sometimes when we attempt to change the habits the years have formed, we can become frustrated, discouraged, and hopeless. The journey toward change is never easy, but it’s always possible. This article explores the hidden hope in habits.

Why Executives Really Need Coaching in Today’s World

The top athletes in the world each has one of their own, executives can and should also have one of their own when they need it. Here are some reasons why having a coach for your executive can work to your advantage.

3 Detrimental Resume Mistakes

Looking at resumes for a living, I have seen some very detrimental trends when it comes to resume writing. While many would guess these are complex and hard to change, the mistakes are rather quite simple. Below, I’ve listed three very common resume mistakes to avoid as a job seeker.

Midlife Career Change, Crisis or Quest?

Here is practical advice to plan and succeed in your midlife career change and choose the right career. You can reinvent yourself by getting started in online home based business as a career option during your career transition. Here are useful tips.

Dress With Class at Work

Sometimes it is difficult to decide what is suitable to wear to work when we have so many clothes in our closets. Setting some ground rules on the difference between work clothes and weekend clothes is necessary. All workplaces maybe different but no matter where you work, there are some stuff you should learn about dressing professional for work. Why is this necessary? Because we want to make sure that we get attention for what we bring to the table, not what we dress in to the table.

Is There A National Exam You Need To Pass To Become A Practicing Occupational Therapist?

If you want an exciting career, you should become a therapist. What more are you looking for in a job when this type of work pays well? and it has the assurance of giving you a full time job? The work opportunity of a therapist is great not only in the healthcare sector but also in a wide range of setting like working in schools or charity organizations etc.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Event Planner?

Breaking into an event planner career is great for creative, detail-oriented people with excellent communication and time management skills, the ability to juggle all kinds of personalities, handle chaos and cope with stressful situations. If this sounds like you, read our interview with event planner, Jessica Alpert. She offers great career advice, explains the skills needed to be a successful event coordinator, and breaks down some of the challenges you might face.

What You Need To Know If You Want To Become An Ultrasound Technician

When doctors need to get a snapshot of a patient’s internal organs in order to make sound diagnoses, he asks that procedures such as x-ray or magnetic resonance imaging to be performed on a patient. However, these procedures may be harmful to patients especially if the patient is pregnant; or, another diagnostic imaging procedure is more advisable for a different type of illness. One of these procedures is sonography, more commonly referred to as ultrasound.

What Is An Obstetric Ultrasound Technician?

According to reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), ultrasound technician careers are expected to increase from now until 2018 by at least 20% of its current ultrasound tech population. This is definitely good news for high schools students who want a career in the healthcare industry. Even career shifters who are already in the medical industry benefit from this because there are courses that will allow them to study for a shorter period of time as compared with high schools graduates or career shifters from a different field.

How to Motivate and Retain Productive Employees

One of the keys to retaining productive employees is to be a good leader. Employees look up to a leader who knows how to motivate and bring out the best in them. By applying the appropriate leadership styles you increase your chances of becoming an exemplary leader. An effective leader in any walk of life must have the right leadership traits for that role.

Being an Administrative Assistant – What Tasks Are Involved?

Being an administrative assistant is a very rewarding job. However, it is not as simple as it may seem, as an administrative assistant is required to be very professional and very capable of accomplishing the many tasks of being one. And sometimes, when the situation calls for it, they must be able to do things outside their job description, hence the need for experience on other areas of work.

Should You Consider Becoming a Psychiatric Nurse?

Are you interested in a career in psychiatric nursing? Learn more about what to expect in a psychiatric nursing career, and if this role may be a fit for you. Psychiatric nursing offers an abundance of intrinsic rewards, but is not without significant challenges, including the stigma of mental illness and lack of public awareness.

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