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Five Top Business Ideas for Disabled Persons

A disabled person is as able as anyone else to be engaged in a job or in business. Nothing can stop anyone, disabled or not, from earning a living. Even if a person is disabled, he can still do his turn by being employed or be a self-employed entrepreneur.

Looking For a Job VS Starting on Your Own

You might wonder why anyone would seek to work for someone else when you could work for yourself, right? I mean, being your own boss sounds much better than having someone else for a boss. Like two sides to every coin, there are two sides to this too. Being informed, inspired and empowered is the key to success whether you work for someone else or yourself. In the end we always work for ourselves while serving others. There are 10 points that help you decide either way – and if you complete reading this the end, there is a 11th point offered as a bonus, for having completed reading. So Enjoy!

Career As a “Company Secretary”

A company secretary is the one who corresponds with the public and hence is also termed as the ‘spokesperson’ of the company. So let’s embark on a journey to unveil about the happenings in the life and making of a company secretary.

Get a Job in Fashion Design

The fashion industry continues to be a career path on which many young school leavers continue to be interested in and the increase in the number of fashion shows on television only heightens the interest in fashion design as a future career. Shows such as ‘What not to wear’, the ‘Fashion Police’ and with the introduction of Fashion TV, fashion continues to grow as an industry. So how can you get involved in the fashion industry? A look below at some basic tips…

Managing Change – Take Anxiety Out of Personal, Professional Planning

As a human resource and management consultant, I often work with clients in a professional coaching relationship. In many cases, we talk about trying something new or doing something differently with their career. Still other conversations focus on making major changes to their organizational structure and/or to the personnel teams. But no matter what, each and every person will feel a sense of unease about their planning. Why is that?

Entrepreneurial Career

Thinking of having a career change in the middle of a slow economy? Try the entrepreneurship path and find out how it has changed the lives of many individuals.

Power of Choice

The freedom of choice is undoubtedly the greatest gift to mankind, endowed upon us by the Creator. In that same instant the dichotomy of good versus evil was born. It is a microcosm of the inner struggle going on every moment, of everyday in each and every person.

Tips to Getting Promoted at Work

Most people think getting promoted at work is just a matter of working hard and hoping you’ll be recognized when the time is right. This is not so, getting promoted at work requires a conscious effort of making behavioral adjustments that will get you and your work noticed and put you in the executive radar for consideration.

College Students Also Go Through Free Background Check to Find Part-Time Jobs

The only logical way to find a secretary or receptionist for the office is by posting jobs online or having them published in the newspapers, there are some who simply post the jobs on bulletin boards. For college students seeking help or jobs, flocking to the bulletin boards or community boards is a very common occurrence. Some professors in colleges even just hire their students whom they had learned to like in their class and ask them to be baby sitters.

Small Things Job Seekers Do That Lessens Their Chance At A Good Job

When it comes to younger job seekers, upon looking for a position and sending out their resume, some make terrible mistakes that prevent them from even being considered by a good company. Although most would say these aspects of the job hunt are common sense, you would not believe how many people unknowingly take actions that are not conducive to achieving employment with a solid, reputable and high paying organization.

3 Secrets to Landing One of the 3.2 Million Current Job Openings

With all the talk of job loss and few prospects for change on the horizon, it might come as a shock to learn that there are currently 3.2 million job openings in the US. While hardly enough to satiate the demand for new jobs, this figure proves that there are jobs available for those who know how to conduct a winning job search.

Tips to Become an Animal Control Worker

What do you know about animal control workers? They are people who work to help abused, lost, abandoned and neglected animals. They are also responsible for those animals. The will investigate any mistreatment animals reports and dangerous animals reports. If you like animals, you might want to become a part of those people. Thus, the followings tips will help you to do it.

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