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So Why Should We Hire You?

The best jobs don’t go to the most qualified, but rather, to those who can sell themselves most effectively. Your entire career depends on your ability to sell yourself to your next employer. If you are less-than-confident about your ability to answer, “why should we hire you?” it’s time you learned to think like a salesperson. Read further to learn how.

Making Money – Employee VS Boss Mindset

We have more control over our earnings than we think. By switching our mindset to think like a ‘boss’ as opposed to any ’employee’, we will see a world of earnings potential open up to us.

Money – Jobs Search Remains Weak

There is a remote possibility that 2010 will be the year of recovery. Studies show small growth in the last quarter of 2009 for businesses in many states, according to the latest research. Obviously, we are all hopeful that this keeps improving and continues into next year. Although, as businesses come back to life, the outlook might not be very promising until the end of next year.

“Heavy Equipment Leasing” – Businessman Great Option

Making money is the top reasons for business now a days, that’s why having your heavy equipment at lease is a great asset. Rather than let your equipments go in a traditional loan, leasing lets you have a continual money income in your piggy bank.

Get Work From Home Ideas

Working from home with work from home ideas help you save a lot of time and money. There is no time wasted in commuting to the office and one can divide one’s time between home and work. These work from home ideas are very simple and do not require any investment at all.

The Employer is Calling – Six Ways to Make Sure You Are Prepared

During the job search, we are anxious to get our resume out and hope the potential employer will call. This article offers six ways to make sure you are ready for the phone to ring.

5 Unspoken Rules to Advancing Your Career

Unspoken rules that will help you to advance your career. Unspoken rules that if not followed can affect your advancement within the corporate environment.

Candidate Interview Questions at a Fixed Price Recruitment Company

Being accepted to appear in an interview for a potential job is an exciting time in anyone’s life. Having applied and been accepted is one step in the right direction, and proof that you could have what it takes to meet this employer’s expectations. Being prepared for what comes next is essential, so make sure that you are armed with the knowledge of what candidate interview questions might be thrown your way in the interview process.

The Pluses and Minuses of Doing Cruise Jobs

Cruise jobs can be fun in many ways, you can make money, but it is also not every one’s cup of tea. So many have a great desire to work on cruise ships, so many more have already done it over the years, with great success, seeing the world meeting people and having great adventures.

Game Testing As a Career – Important Facts to Consider

The internet revolution has provided many new and fresh career opportunities for this new generation. Among such opportunities game testing can be placed among the top one for its great and permanent earning potential.

Effective Career Management is the Key to Finding Success

Considering the times we live in-what with a declining economy and job-related woes proliferating across the globe-these days the topic of career management could not be more important. Career management, of course, is not something only to be recurred to in times of crisis; it’s a process (and a skill) which needs to be implemented throughout every stage of our adult lives, both when things are looking up and when they are looking down. At the moment, however, in the midst of the growing unemployment rates that are sweeping the developed and developing worlds, many people are looking with great hope and expectation to the potential benefits which effective career management may have for them.

How Do I Obtain My Forensic Accounting Certification?

Nowadays having a degree is just not enough. As a forensic accountant, you will need to pursue further after obtaining your first degree. Before obtaining any certifications, you must pass the CPA exam and with that move on to pursue in the certification programs which are designed for individuals with existing knowledge in forensic accounting.

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