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Find a Mentor to Help Further Your Career

If you have plans to make a success of your career, then a mentor is a great person to have on your team. They will have the experience and the advice to help grow your career. Assist your chosen career today by following this guide on finding mentors.

Susan Boyle Dreams of a New Career – What About You?

Susan Boyle took a big risk on public television to fulfill her dream of a new career. Are you willing to risk everything for the beauty of your dream? Are you looking for and seizing all opportunities to live your dream and find your new career?

Finding Part Time Work at Job Fairs

Whether you’re in college or high school, you’ll probably see periodic announcements for job fairs. When I was in school, I generally ignored these, thinking, “I’ll worry about finding a full time job when I graduate or get closer to graduation”. I’m sure that a lot of other people thought the same thing.

Networking – Don’t Burn Your Bridges

Have you ever had a job that you hated? A job where you wanted to burst into a fiery tirade about how horrible that job was just before you stalked out yelling, “I quit!” over your shoulder? If you’re like most people, you’ve had a job like that. But whatever you do, don’t burn your bridges, because you never know when the contacts that you made when you were in that job could come in handy.

Using Keywords For Interviews

A long-standing piece of advice for writing resumes is to use keywords that help best describe your abilities to a prospective employer. This is definitely good advice, because a prospective employer will naturally zoom in on these keywords and take a little more care in reading an application containing them.

Science Jobs – Join the Green Revolution

Over the past few years, awareness about the state of the environment has been growing at a fever pitch. While there have been periodic bursts of eco-friendliness in the past, the use of the internet has spread awareness to an unprecedented degree. This has created a whole range of science jobs for graduates.

6 Mistakes the Truckers Make to Ruin Their Career

Truckers too often makes mistakes that can have a serious effect on their career. Some drivers who do this become depressed and often display unpleasant attitudes that show in their interaction with customers and the way that they drive. In this article about 5 mistakes that truckers make we will attempt to keep going in a positive direction.

Mid-Life Career Change – Can it Be Done?

Many people say it is never too late to do things. The same is true for a mid-life career change. You may be a home-based worker who chooses to do other things for a change, or an office employee who wants to get his dream job, or simply someone who needs less stress in life and wants instead a better work-life balance, and new challenges to take on, a mid-life career change is really never too late.

A Change in Career – Should You Do It?

Whether or not you should attempt a change of career relies on a number of factors. First, consider how happy you are with your current career. If you feel that you’re not where you want to be at your job, is you are constantly feeling stressed, or if your pay is below what you desire for the amount of work you do, it is probably time to seriously consider a change of careers.

Change Career – Why You Might Want to Consider It

Do you find yourself often frustrated or bored at work? Maybe you feel as if you are not living up to your true potential at your current workplace, or conversely, that your job is difficult, demanding, and stressful? If this sounds like you, maybe it is really time to consider making a change in your career.

5 Traits You Must Have to Get Into and Succeed in Sales

It may surprise you to know that being a fast talker with a persuasive nature is not as important to success in sales as these five traits. One – Resilience. After I had been in corporate sales for a couple years, I used to joke that I could go on a date and If he did not like me I would respond, “I’m sorry you feel that way, is there anything I can do to change that?” Obviously, a bad date IS personal, but not getting the sale usually is not.

Get Hired Now – The Third of Seven Strategies to Separate You Strongly From the Crowd

This is the third of seven strategies designed to get you noticed by prospective employers so that you don’t melt in with the crowds. The more you can establish your unique value and how well that meshes with the responsibilities of the position you seek, the more likely they will be to hire you. This article focuses on creative ways to differentiate yourself from the bunch of candidates who are also applying for the position. If you want an edge, then read this article to find out how to create it.

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