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Are You Doing Meaningful Work?

Most people work eight hours or more a day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that work were nourishing and exciting! Meaningful works keeps us happy and engaged. Learn how to identify work that will be meaningful for you.

What to Wear For a Job Interview – Put on Your A-Game and Dress to Impress

So you are advancing in the real world and you are going to a job interview! Excellent work. All you need now is to dress to impress your possible new employer and convince them that you are the intelligent professional that is perfect for the position.

Want That Job? Rely on Practical Advice Over Lucky Pants!

What preparation do you make when faced with a Job Interview? A survey of over 10,000 people by notable employment law specialists, found that 84% of respondents wear what they believe is something lucky, with 6 in 10 of these wearing lucky underwear. Additionally 73% of respondents admit to checking their horoscope immediately before an interview believing it will be an indicator of whether they get the job or not.

Don’t Be a Slave to Your Business

When starting out in business some have grand plans and ambitions, while most would be happy just to make a comfortable living, as long as there is an even balance of income for effort. Now this can get out of hand and usually does for most. You end up being a slave to your business. Always on call to keep that ever critical cash flow going. This in turn erodes away at the time you would normally be doing things for yourself such as spending time with family and friends, playing your favorite sport, traveling and just relaxing to recharge your batteries.

How to Point Your Career in the Direction You Want?

Are you wondering whether you are in the right field or moving in the right direction? Are you a typical job-hopper? Is the grass always greener somewhere else? If this is the case you might not have clarity on what is important for you and what makes you thrive. You are perhaps tring to achieve goals that are not aligned with your values, and you might not even be aware of that! This article gives you 4 ways to support you in pointing your career in the direction you want.

Being a Dental Assistant – A Quick Route to Job Security

So what does a dental assistant do anyway? The actual job duties vary somewhat from dentist to dentist but in general, a dental assistant is responsible for greeting patients, keeping the examining areas clean and sterilized, handling patient records, assisting in procedures, and any other tasks that the dentist and his staff might need. Does that sound like something you might be interested in? If so, you are in luck because the field of dental assistants is one of the fastest growing segments of the medical field.

Police Oral Board Questions – Pass the Interview the First Time

Are you looking to become a police officer? Need some help with Police Oral Board Questions? A Police Officer is regarding as one of the most respected career paths available today, but this is because the selection process for becoming a police officer is very rigorous. If you have applied to the police department already or are looking to apply then you would be interested to know that the place where the large majority of applicants slip up and get rejected is through the Oral Board Interview. This article with give you all the tips and answers you will need to ensure that you clear this hurdle first time with and move well on your way to becoming a badged officer!

The Ultimately Desperate Job-Seekers ‘I’ve Had it With Interviews’ Guide to Getting Paid

So, you’ve been to the interview where you were asked questions out of a pre-made list and the so-called interviewer did not but once bother to look up at your face, let alone get to know you a little better. Then you went to that one where, instead of an interview, you were put in a room with a group to answer mind-boggling questions about mathematics and logic…even though the position you applied for has nothing to do with that. Oh yes, and there was the interview when the ‘manager’ was at least 10 years younger than you and you could do nothing but concentrate on that acne.

Firefighting Jobs – Aerial Fire Fighting

This method of firefighting is not the usual method of fighting fires we all envision. This article looks into the job of an aerial firefighter.

Aviation Firefighters Jobs

What happens when there is a fire or other incident at the airport? This article will cover what the job of an aviation firefighter entails.

So What Do You Do When You’re 42 and Suddenly Unemployed?

Valuable lessons learned from my recent, sudden unemployment. I thought finding a job would be easy considering my years of skills and experience. Not only was I wrong, but so were the other 400 people that applied to the same jobs.

Reinvent Yourself – More Job Hunting Inspirations From Taylor Hicks

Several years before Taylor Hicks was crowned the 2006 American Idol winner at the famed Kodak Theater, it was a much smaller stage that he claimed in his native Birmingham, Alabama. In a venue called The Open Door Cafe, Hicks and his band mates tossed up a mixed salad of classic-bluesy rock and Southern rock, a Ray Charles’ heartbreaker, and some of Taylor’s original material. Peppering his set with observations tossed out to the audience, Taylor noted rather wistfully that, “The blues don’t pay.” Quickly and prophetically, he then added, “But they will someday; they will.”

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