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Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse Or Licensed Vocational Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurses are very much in demand in lieu of America’s nursing shortage. The program for becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse is approximately one year or less. Financial aid is available for this training program as well as many other sources of funding. Licensed Vocational Nurses/LPN’s make only a few dollars less than Registered Nurses.

3 Ways to Keep Working Toward Your Dream Job Or Career Even If You Are Ready to Give Up

Do not throw in the towel on your dream, even if you feel like you’ll never get where you want to be. Use these three ideas to keep yourself going.

How Your New Income Will Come

It’s here and getting big. More and more are getting involved. Possibilities endless.

Do’s of Professional Attire – Part I

Some do’s of professional attire. Look your best at work.

Unemployment, Recession – How Do We Get Through It?

Most of us are experiencing this. With unemployment rates on the rise, experts predict the unemployment rates will be in the double digits by this summer. So, what do we do? How do we survive this tough economy? First, let me tell you, we will survive. Each generation has gone through this.

Position Yourself For Success – 4 Tips to “Recession-Proof” Your Career

Are you looking for a way to recession-proof your career? There are steps everyone can take to survive – and even thrive – regardless of the current state of the economy. Find out what changes you can make to have a positive impact on your career.

Reaching For Your Dream Job is Easier Than Settling For an Average Job

Have you heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series? Of course you have! Co-author Jack Canfield, in discussing his path to success and the lessons he learned, has much to say to those of us who want to express who we are through a dream job.

Dream Job Or Dream Income? Why Not Both?

Do you have your dream job right now? How about your dream income? Do you think that you can only have one or the other?

The Secret to Finding Your Life Purpose and Your Dream Job

Too many of us just have jobs. We work, exchanging time for money, and are concerned with ‘not losing’. We don’t want to lose our job, our position or our income. Don’t be one of these people. Learn the secret to identifying and obtaining your dream job and your life purpose.

Career Advice – 3 Ways to Bounce Back From a Lay Off

In the past we have written tips on how an organization should handle a downsizing. Now we are going to explore the other side of the dreaded downsizing. Being laid off from your job can be a devastating experience – all of a sudden thousands of not so pleasant thoughts begin to rush through your head and life may soon become overwhelming. How will I pay my mortgage, my car payment, my kid’s college tuition? How could they do this to me? What am I going to do now? Though getting fired (lets call it what it is and dispense with the made up marketing language designed to make it seem a little more tolerable) is not a pleasant experience, especially in a tough economic climate such as this one, there are some ways to help see the bright side and move on. Here are some tips for bouncing back from being fired:

Living With Your Dead-End Job

It’s apparent why so many of us hate our jobs. However, you can’t leave your job without courting disaster. With jobs in short supply, you cannot leave your dead end job for something more engaging, when jobs are being cut locally and globally. According to the (April 2009), the jobless rate topped 8.5%, which means the U.S. economy has lost 5 million jobs, to a lengthening recession. The walls get a little bit closer for you. What will you do? I have an answer: Engage your gift.

Enhance Your Career With Comedy Improv Skills

Find out how the same skills needed to be a successful comedy improviser can be applied to being successful both on the job and in everyday life. These basic comedy principles turned career enhancing principles include: thoughtful preparation, showing initiative, being an active participant and listener and offering appropriate support.

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